HUB: network. When four computers are connected to switch,


Hubs are cheap and simple devices that can connect bunch of
computers to each other but they are a little bit wasteful with badwith.( Bandwidth is a term for data transfer
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When a computer sends an
information to a hub, it duplicates the data on all other interfaces. Each
incoming bit is duplicated on all other interfaces. It is the simplest and
cheapest way to create a network, however, it does cause a lot of unnecessary
traffic. (If you have five hosts in the network, hubs unnecessarily send every
packet to those who are not interested of what is sent. This is a huge waste of
bandwidth also other people in the network can see each other’s traffic if they
use free software.


A network switch also is
known as a switching hub, is a computer networking device, which has the
ability to connect devices together into a computer network with the help of
using packet switching to collect, process and export data to the specific
device that you have chosen. Switches are devices that they have lots of ports
which can connect together other devices, multiple cables are plugged in to a
switch device to have the ability to communicate between them. Network switches
can manage to transfer data across a network with a lot of devices. Moreover
the devices that they are connecting to a network switch can be identified by
the IP of the device which that allows the switch to direct the traffic and
manage the security and the efficiency of the network.


It is basically kind of like a
network surge protection. When the switch is connected to a router, its ports
acts like they are routers, so, more computers can be connected. The switches
have different sizes of preference of usage. Unlike HUB, switches use network
cards inside the computer to identify different computers with their MAC
address. So each computer has their own private network. When four computers
are connected to switch, let’s say computer 1 wants to send a document to
computer 4, at first switch does not know which computer to send the file so it
sends all the computers and identifies computer 4’s MAC address and saves it
into its memory.