evaluations; developing guidelines; and disseminating information on health

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3. Discuss what these agencies have in
common as well as why these agencies were initiated.

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Enhances the effectiveness of health care services access
to care by conducting and supporting research, quality, and appropriateness. demonstration
projects, and evaluations; developing guidelines; and disseminating information
on health care services and delivery systems.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) The
leading agency that provides people from security, safety and health threats.

Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSHA) Sets rules and regulations to provide a safe and healthy work environment
by providing proper training

Joint Commission (JC) Certifies and accredits
health care programs and organizations

Institute of Medicine (IOM) Used to strengthen
scientific knowledge to improve public health care needs

Practice The
American Nurses Association (ANA) advances
the nursing profession by promoting a safe and ethical work environment fostering
high standards of nursing practice, and advocating on health care issues that
affect nurses and the public. Discuss the role and function of the
following agencies and how it relates to healthcare today and their impact on
nursing practice (how does each one of these agencies impact nurses and the
practice of nursing)

ANA Code of Ethics- purpose, where
originated, how it is used in nursing


appear before board of nursing. The Mississippi State Board of Nursing is responsible for
managing and protecting the public. They are also responsible for issuing regulations
and rules.  Anyone can bring charges upon
someone. The will send in a complaint and The Board of Nursing will follow up.
The executive director will set the time and place for the hearing to take place.
The accused may wave the right to a hearing. A nurse’s license can be revoked
or suspended at the end of the hearing. If the Board does not find enough evidence,
they must destroy all evidence.

to regulate nursing, what is the
process if a nurse is investigated or asked to

Discuss MS State Board of Nursing –
primary function, what guidelines are used


to and what repercussions may result
in unprofessional conduct. Patient care and safety
should always be top priority! ADN nurses are expected to carry themselves in a
professional manner always. The nurse must uphold standards even when they are
not on the clock. A nurse must be carful with what that post on social media.  The nurse must follow the ethical principles
in nursing (beneficence, autonomy, justice, fidelity, principles of totality
and integrity) If not, a nurse can have their license suspended or revoked.  

Professional standards – discuss
what professional standards ADN nurses are held


limited to: skills, delegation,
areas of practice. The scope of practice includes
implementing the nursing process, delegating and supervising of other nurses
(RN’s, LPN’s, and CNA’s) The ADN must know what the scope of practice for themselves
and other coworkers that he/she is delegating to. If a ADN delegate something
that is not in the scope of practice for the delegated, he or she is held responsible.
If there is something that is delegated and there is no understanding of what
is to be done and in-service should be held.  There are many specialist’s areas for a nurse
such as but not limited to Nurse Anesthetist, Family Nurse Practitioner, NICU
Nurse, ER Nurse, Labor and Delivery Nurse, Travel Nurse, Neonatal Nurse,
Pediatric Nurse, and Ambulatory Nurse

Scope of Practice – discuss what ADN
nurse can/ cannot do including, but not


governing body (state board of
nursing). Please include the ANA code of ethics.

1.      Discuss the associate degree nurse’s
scope of practice, professional standards, and


























NUR 2223
Nursing Leadership and Management


Agency Paper