HR better explanation and guidance for their future. Many

HR Practices, if implemented, could have made a difference The closing of Sears Canada has impacted more than 12000 workforces in October 2017. Employees lost their jobs and trust in the company. This issues can be resolved in a remarkable way if Sears Canada has implemented focused HR disciplines in this situation. Sears should have handle liquidation with dignity. The following guideline might help the company.Communication is mustManagers at Sears should have discussed and acknowledged the company’s position with the employees.  They should know about the crisis in the company first. It is advisable to involve workers to know about the company status and future uncertainties.  Sears should have one to one communication with all the workers regarding their concerns, fears, and questions helps them through the closing process and ultimately helps them understand and come to grips with the situationConvey the message personally and consciously – and listen to workersHere, in this case, all the employees get an email about the lay-off. However, managers should have delivered this information in private and give time to react. They should understand the different reaction of everybody and answer their question with better explanation.  It is an emotional stage for the employees because their future is concerned. A manager should have acted as the motivator and encourage workers for their career. Moreover, sears should have allowed managers to communicate with all the workers personally. So that workers may not feel betrayed and angry during the lay-off time. Treat the workers with appreciation.Sometimes employees are more upset about being terminated badly during lay-off rather than termination. (Robbins) In this Sears’s case, former employees who have worked entire life in the sears should have given better explanation and guidance for their future. Many employees are clueless about their career. Managers at Sears should have treated those employees with compassion and respect.Providing outplacement help.Sears employees are confused about their future endeavors due to the lay-off. However, the management at Sears should have offer help in job-hunting to the employees and give them a reference to another company where they can use their skills and get employment, some employees may feel paralyzed when given the lay-off news, wondering how they will survive. HR manager should have discussed their progression, access to outplacement or job assistance programs.Top level management: Be front and center In the whole Sears’s liquidation case, every person in the company blames the top level executives because they never gave enough information to the staff at Sears. CEO must be there for whole company. They should have support people emotionally during this hard time. Shut down sears was a horrible moment for everyone, CEO should be there for his workers. He must be focused on the development of people and give some benefits to survive during hardship.Twelve-thousand doesn’t seem quite as big when compared to the total number of jobs the economy creates and destroys every month, In September, for example, the economy added 112,000 jobs and erased 102,000 positions. The Sears job losses would amount to about 10 percent of each – not a huge share, but potentially big enough to make a difference.. (Alini)To sum up, it has changed the scenario of employees trusting their company, sears should have taken their manpower into the consideration before lay-off process.