How with the power of edutainment learning can not

How many times have you thought about
escaping a lecture at school or training session at work because it was too
boring and wasn’t engaging enough? Most of us would love to be taught and
trained in a way that is not only interactive but also entertaining at the same
time. A way that stimulates our senses and brain at a visual, intellectual,
emotional and psychological level.

Numerous academic researchers have stated
that with the power of edutainment learning can not only be made more enjoyable
but also increase its effectiveness, improve performance and enhance outcomes.
Most educators and trainers choose to educate their audience in ways that
stimulate attention and increase engagement with the subject matter. As Jon
Billsberry writes in his paper on Edutainment:

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and entertainment have always sat side by side, as educational material that is
boring is likely to be ineffective.”
Jon. (2014). The Rise and Rise of Management Edutainment. Journal of Management

 In order to produce interactive edutainment,
it is important to take a learner-centered approach. As a teacher you should create a strategy that
focuses more on building interactive and engaging educational material that
motivates learners and encourage them to participate in activities and learn
the new subject matter better. Involving learners from the very beginning of
the design process forms the basis of this learner-centered design. (Walldén
& Soronen. (2004). Edutainment: From Television and Computers to Digital

 Today edutainment is widely practiced not
only in high schools but colleges as well. It provides educators a great way to
introduce and educate their young audience on important issues. Unfortunately at the university level,
professors do not always operate this way. They prefer didactic methods over
teaching methods to stimulate senses. But it is important to understand that
education and entertainment are not mutually exclusive. They can be combined to
process information better and keep the attention of students in tact. Academic researchers have found out
that edutainment is a great tool for students to receive, understand and retain




Gamification is an innovative design
technique that incorporates motivational elements into non-game context to
promote motivation and engagement in students. Majority of the students feel
alienated by the didactic teaching methodologies and traditional methods of
instruction. This is where motivational gamification comes in. Today the
concept is gaining popularity and being considered a possible solution for the
dropping levels of motivation in learners. Optimizing education by using
innovative solutions can improve learners’ motivation and engagement levels in
the classroom.

 Games serves
as a remarkable educational tool that provide
opportunities for greater motivation and deeper learning. Games have the power
to set minds free and interact with whomever or whatever they encounter. The
reward system in the form of points, badges, and leaderboards encourage the
learner to improve his / her learning and performance.

 The purpose of Education is to cultivate
knowledge, maturity, responsibility, and growth. The purpose of entertainment
is to amuse and arouse interest in the subject matter. In this way, games serves as tools or architectures for
engagement. Board Games, Puzzles, Brain Teasers, and education apps today offer
many mental learning benefits to learners of all ages. They improve cognitive,
physical, emotional, problem solving,
reasoning skills and encourage learners to develop solutions using their own
mental faculties.

 It is very important to create and introduce
engaging ways of learning into the classroom because edutainment makes learning
easy. With the advancement in technology, there are many new and exciting ways
for teachers and educators at various levels to adapt their lessons to student
interests and revamp their lessons in ways that are entertaining for their

Present day education is filled with
examples of Edutainment. It uses games that stimulate learning, enhance
attention, provide intellectual stimulation and learning freedom, and
facilitate engaged learning. Blending entertainment with quality education does
not only make learning pleasurable but also helps learners to transform into
better individuals.