“How universe itself. Research says that astrology though discredited

“How many have matched?” asked the father, “Only 12, sir! Said the astrologist”, and the talk of marriage ended this way. In this era of modernization, cities with a nature of cosmopolitan, growth in terms of science, medicine and arts, there still exist people who cancel marriages because of Horoscope. What is horoscope?  does it decide our lives or is it something that teaches us how to live? Horoscope is a belief. According to the Barnum Effect (also called the Forer Effect) it means people’s tendency to take vague and generalized characteristics of themselves as accurate and truthful (Para-normality). In other words, it means that people accept characteristics that can apply to many people as personal and accurate only for themselves.


People who diligently follow their horoscopes may claim that it’s all just good fun. But on closer examination, this claim falls flat. Here’s why astrology is potentially damaging to our understanding of science, relationships and even our place in the universe itself. Research says that astrology though discredited for centuries, still remains wildly popular. Scarcely does a day go by when we’re not told of how our astrological sign is supposed to govern our behavior or predetermine the day’s events. Yet no explanation has ever been given nor is one forthcoming  that can adequately explain the mechanism for which the alignment of the planets can influence our psychologies or the unfolding of the universe.

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Mahita Parvatha, a student of Vedika College, Delhi, says:  “It didn’t help the astrological cause back in 2011 when an entirely new version of zodiac was proposed, thus shifting everyone’s sign from its mythical original position. Indeed, the whole premise behind astrology is predicated on some rather flimsy parameters; what we call “months” are actually cultural and not cosmological constructs. Moreover, our expanding universe and all that’s within it is in a constant state of flux.” Vineeth Balakrishnan, a student of Nalsar University of Law, Hyderabad says, “Horoscope is a man made literature. Horoscope cannot determine the personality, traits or habits of an individual based on a particular zodiac sign or the date, time and month the person is born on. All the above thoroughly depend on experiences and circumstances the person has gone through in their lives. No one should decide whether two people should stay together or not simply by matching their horoscopes. It can be false too”.

Palepu Poorna, a homemaker, says, “Horoscope maybe useful in knowing the possible negatives a particular zodiac sign possesses and an individual can work on changing their related negatives to turn them into positives. Popular horoscope theories that are followed and read by people worldwide may encourage the individuals to adopt more positive personality traits and be aware of the negative ones”.


To change our experience, we need to change our beliefs. We can leave an unhappy relationship or quit an unpleasant job, but if we maintain the same beliefs, we will continue to attract similar situations and people no matter where we go. We simply can’t run away from people. Our life is a mirror of our beliefs. We can walk away from our current “mirror,” but we will still see our own reflection when we stand in front of the next one. We must change who we are in order to see a new reflection in the mirror. Use horoscopes to develop good change and beliefs but do not make assumptions and illogical perceptions and use the name of “Horoscope” to make things in life as “Horror-scope”. Now that the horoscopes may not match but the mindsets of the people do. Why cancel a healthy marriage? It’s your call, after all! Think wisely, my friend.