“How His freestyle rap that aired during the BET

“How do you prove yourself when there’s nothing left to prove?” Brian McCollum, Detroit Free Press echoes my most salient point. Eminem has impressed crowds and fans since the mid 90’s but he isn’t just any old artist here to name drop and diss. He has been a voice for the people that either don’t speak their mind loud enough or are to afraid to. He may not give off a very good first impression, especially if you are prone to mild ideas, weak due to social sanitation. He’s been around long enough that we have a sense, a scope of what it means to live, to struggle to overcome and consistently remaining true to your artistic outlet. Regardless of if he’s been producing, you know he’s been writing. His freestyle rap that aired during the BET Hip Hop awards, let you know he’s struggling like most Americans and put diss and burn in line with outrage, “When he attacks the NFL so we focus on that/ Instead of talking Puerto Rico or gun reform for Nevada/ All these horrible tragedies and he’s bored and would rather/ Cause a Twitter storm with the Packers/ Then says he wants to lower our taxes/Then who’s gonna pay for his extravagant trips.”Eminem’s latest studio album has had its fair exchange of diverse reviews. “This Eminem, the one preoccupied with his own pain, is a dazzling storyteller with ample territory to mine,” said Jon Caramanica from the New York Times. Other artists, aging as well, are struggling to decide if they push sound boundaries or settle for the traditional, explains Barker, “There is recent precedent for this: On “4:44,” Jay-Z — three years older than Eminem, and still searching for his own middle-age-appropriate sound— found a lane of yesterday’s hip-hop he was well-suited to, and stuck to it, albeit with an emotional wisdom Eminem only occasionally achieves.” “Revival”, produced by Def Jam label’s Rick Rubin and co-produced by Em’s re-occurring collaborator Skylar Grey, the album shows Em’s many political and emotional sides. He still struggles with maturity, sacrificing content for rhyme at times, but he’s the artist we know and have had the luxury to follow. Undeniably, he is aging and he is still white in a music platform that is unkind to both, and with that comes the challenge of staying fresh. This new album of his is Em’s best, despite his struggles on content and style, Despite mixed reviews of his skill versus aging in a world of changing hip-hop sounds, the “Revival” emcee’s latest effort has also become one of the most popular albums of December, according to Billboard, and while it isn’t a masterpiece from him, it is no disaster with moments of genius that overshadow the criticism, that comes with an art form constantly on the change.