Himalaya products Company profile • Type: Private• Founded: 1930•

                                                                  Himalaya products   Company profile •    Type: Private•    Founded: 1930•    Headquarters:    Bangalore, India•    Area served: Global (92 Countries)•    Key people: M Manal (Founder) & Philipe Haydon (CEO)•    Products: Herbal medicine•    Bestselling product: Liv. 52Background and journey of Himalaya herbals Himalaya herbal healthcare is quite popular in India for its ‘Ayurvedic’ products. Having the vision of bringing wellness to everyone their product portfolio includes Heal-to-heel healthcare & wellness products. The main reason behind Himalaya herbal care being popular is their USP of adding Ayurvedic ingredients in most of their product. In fact, 99% of their products have natural elements. The company has more than 290 researchers that utilize ayurvedic herbs and minerals. A Hepatic drug, known as Liv.52, is its flagship product, first revealed in 1955. Liv.52 to date has now over 215 clinical trials backing it. Even today, Liv.52 is the crown jewel in the pharmaceutical portfolio, registering over Rs 2.50 billion in revenues and being the only herbal medicine in India’s top 10 selling drugs. Currently, Himalaya servers in various locations across India and other 92 countries including Middle East, Europe, Asia & USA. Himalaya Drug Company distribute their wide range of products across the globe under brand name Himalaya global Holdings Ltd (HGH).    Entering the US market for Himalaya was the grueling task. It was additionally a lowering background for the group – in those days nobody knew much about India, not to mention a little homegrown organization called Himalaya. They pushed the R group to create items that met US administrative norms. This raised the level of consistency no matter how you look at it and it helped Himalaya India put forth a more grounded defense for its items with specialists here. After the US came, Russia, at that point West Asia, trailed by APAC and Europe.  Himalaya herbal care products The company was originally based in Dehradun but to advance the business it moved to Mumbai and later on Bangalore which in result turn out to be one of the best decision made by Himalaya.  Today, this plot of land in Bangalore has transformed into Himalaya’s 28-acre sprawling campus with an EU-GMP-certified manufacturing facility, an 80,000 square feet R&D and a lush green organic garden. The advent of R & D and manufacturing facility extended the range of products of Himalaya. Today, Himalaya health care has the wide range of natural product which includes baby care products, Himalaya pharmaceuticals, personal care, animal care, and well-being products. Himalaya has further sub-categorized their products in Himalaya skin care products, Himalaya hair care products and many more. The neem face wash is one of their most appreciated and well knowen product in India. Each and every product is backed by 8-10 years of research & testing its outcomes and effects during certain conditions. Herbal healthcare major Himalaya has also launched the wide range of oral products. The six oral care products, which include two types of mouthwash, ulcer gel, gum astringent, toothpaste, and whitening agent are based on their product so-called HiOra.   The list is here: •    HiOra Mouthwash-Regular: Kills germs, tones gums & refreshes mouth•    HiOra-GA Gel: Gum astringent gel•    HiOra-K Mouthwash: For sensitive teeth and halitosis•    HiOra Toothpaste: Toothpaste for inflamed and spongy gums•    HiOwna Momz: Essential nutritional support for mothers!Himalaya Pharmaceuticals  Most of the Himalaya pharmaceutical products are inspired by ancient Ayurveda and highly supported by doctors across the globe. According to Himalaya, their pharmaceutical products can bring the potential solutions to certain disorders and other critical conditions. Himalaya’s 60 strong product portfolio includes wellness products, prescription dermaceuticals, therapeutics, and oral health products for men, women, and children. Certain lifestyle disorders, life threating disease such as Hepatitis B and chronical illness can be cured or prevented with the wide range of Himalaya pharmaceutical products. Derived from the wide range of pharmaceutical by Himalaya herbal care includes:  •    Aactaril Soap: Medicated cleansing soap for bacterial and fungal skin infections  •    Bresol: the breathing solution •    Chiropex:  to control the plantar xerosis  •    Gasex Tablet: Improves digestion. Relieves gaseous distension•    Geriforte: Rejuvenates both BODY & MIND•    Hairzone: Prevents hair fall, promotes hair growth•    Herbolax: The gentle bowel regulator•    Himcocid-SF: The complete antacid, beyond just relief•    Himcospaz (capsule): The breakthrough antispasmodic•    HiOwna kidz: Balanced nutritional supplement to improve physical, mental and immune development in children •    Liv.52: an ultimate solution for liver problem Other Himalaya pharmaceutical products include serpina, styplon, tentex forte, Rumalaya, Reosto for bones and V-gel.  The product prices vary as per the product but compared other products they are most economical yet effective. Himalaya personal care productPresently, personal care contributes 38 percent to the revenues in India. The most popular product portfolio from Himalaya herbal care in India. It can further be divided into Himalaya skin care products, Himalaya hair products, Himalaya weight loss products, and many others. The range offers the goodness of natural solutions for everyday use, with no side effects. The product ranges baby care to men care including hair care, eye care, face care, oral care, lip care etc. these products address all of the daily personal care needs and all of them are derived from the herbs & other natural ingredients.    Himalaya skin care productsFor all type of skin, Himalaya skin products are made of all natural ingredients and extracts of neem, lemon, turmeric and other herbs. Top skin care products include Himalaya Herbals Refreshing Cleansing Milk, Clarina Anti-Acne Face Wash Gel, Gentle Exfoliating Apricot Scrub, Himalaya Revitalizing Night Cream, Oil-Control Lemon Face Wash, Purifying Neem Pack, purifying mud pack etc. Himalaya hair care productsHimalaya’s Hair Care range provides your hair with the right nourishment of keratin and other vitamin E supplements that is all-natural. Backed by science and nature, the formulations are prepared from the purest of herb extracts. Be it dry, frizzy, sticky hair and dandruff problems Top hair care product from Himalaya herbals includes Himalaya Hair Detangler and Conditioner, Himalaya Herbals Protein Hair Cream, Himalaya Herbals Revitalizing Hair Oil, Himalaya Hairzone Solution for Hairloss, Himalaya Anti-Dandruff Hair Cream etc. Himalaya weight loss products These products are subjected to burn the fat, reduce cravings for sugar, minimize the triglyceride and cholesterol levels, improve the metabolism and neutralize excess sugar in the body with the powerful combination of natural ingredients. The key elements of the product are balsamodendron Mukul, trigonella foenum-graecum, gymnema sylvestre, and trigonella foenum-graecum. One of the most popular weight loss product from Himalaya is ‘Ayurslim’ which has been successful in helping millions of people cope and get better, naturally. It has become the safest and an effective solution to manage the weight and live the healthy life. Himalaya products for baby care Welcome to your newborn with an ultimate care and comfortable pace with the wide range of Himalaya’s baby care products. To look after baby’s soft skin, fragile bones and sanitation needs, Himalaya has created the long-lasting list of products. To keep the baby’s skin soft as cotton, there are baby cream, baby lotion, and baby powder. When it comes to fragile bones Himalaya also offers baby massage oil & baby gentle bath, baby shampoo and heated powder for other need. To prevent the baby from sanitation problems Himalaya herbals care offers baby diapers, baby pants, diaper rash cream & powder, Gentle & soothing baby wipes, refreshing, nourishing and extra moisturizing baby soaps. Himalaya nutrition product Himalaya’s nutrition health range is limited yet combines the knowledge of Ayurveda with modern science, to give children and adults a daily herbal nutritional health supplement that provides the benefits of scientifically validated age-old herbs along with essential vitamins and minerals. HiOwna kids, HiOwna, and HiOwna momz are the only products are offered by Himalaya in this domain which is certainly the part of pharmaceutical products. Himalaya animal care products Himalaya also offers the wide range of health & wellness products for animals too. All of these products are also derived from herbs and result of sweating research and testing.  Himalaya animal product range herbal feed supplement for fish includes calcium supplement for bone development in animals, livestock & poultry and natural grooming products for your beloved pet. It offers coat cleaners, digestive stimulant & bowel regulator, appetite stimulant, diuretic & urinary antiseptic, behavior modifier, calcium & phosphorus supplement, growth promoter, anti-inflammatory & anti-arthritic, immune booster, vitamin- C supplier ( Him-C), herbal airways in birds, and sperm quality & male performance improver. Himalaya animal products might be one of the best animal care product supplier in India.    Himalaya products prices  Price of Himalaya herbals care varies as per the variation of the different domain. Most of the personal care products such as Himalaya men’s products, skin care, hair care products are the most economical compared to other international brands. In general, product ranges from Rs.50 to Rs. 150 for various daycare need products. While the price of pharmaceutical products can be higher as they are supposed to prevent the life-threatening diseases. The baby care products, animal care product and other wellness products are also affordable yet effective compared to other all-chemical products. You can always check their prices online.   reviews of himalaya products  all variety of products have no complaints and users’ feedback on different sites are excellent.every product has its own uniqueness and effectiveness with fast and postive results.Following well knowen himalaya products are  very common and highly recommanded by buyers=Himalaya Purifying Neem Face washHimalaya Gentle Gentle Exfoliating Daily Face wash:Himalaya apricot scrubHimalaya Neem Face packHimalaya Strawberry shine lip balmHimalaya Honey and Rose Soap:Himalaya Cream and Honey SoapHimalaya Cocoa Nourish Body lotionHimalaya Foot creamHimalaya Protein Shampoo range:Today Himalaya is present in 92 nations and by 2020, more than 50% of the total revenue will be derived from the global market. In many markets, Himalaya’s helpful range is enrolled as homegrown medications or solutions. Specialists of present-day pharmaceuticals swear by the well-being and viability of the items, not simply in India, where the organization contacts more than 400,000 specialists, however even in nations like Singapore, Malaysia, and Russia, where Ayurveda isn’t a recognizable arrangement of medication.