HIGH story structure in which most occupants depend on



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High rise buildings
investment projects represent a component of the country’s economic power. In
recent years, developed countries have emerged as centers for new high rise
buildings. Land is scarce and expensive particularly in big cities. This report
emphasis on the needs and impacts of the high rise buildings and tells us the
criteria for using them as an efficient urban development tool.



Country’s progress is
achieved through economic, urban and planning progress. They are the most
important reasons that encourage technological progress by seeking the use of
latest materials, equipments and systems. The twentieth century is a period
dominated by innovation and the spirit of science it has had revolutionizing
effects on all fields of man’s Endeavour’s-art, economics and politics.

What is a High Rise Building?

A building is an enclosed
structure that has walls, floor, a roof and usually windows. A ‘tall building’
is a multi- story structure in which most occupants depend on elevators lifts
to reach their destinations. The most prominent tall building are also known as
‘High Rise Buildings’ in most of the countries and ‘Tower Block’ in UK. However
a high rise building can be defined as:

Any structure where
the height can have a serious impact on evacuation.

Generally a high rise
structure is considered to be one that extends higher than the maximum reach of
available fire-fighting equipment.

A multistory
structure between 35-100+ meters tall or a building of unknown height having
12-39 floors.


Why High Rise


High Rise Buildings have always fascinated the minds of
people since the start of their construction in ancient times. At that time,
their construction was mostly for religious and defensive purposes (roman
temples, pharoanic tombs, churches etc). But in the modern era construction of
such building started in late nineteenth century for the purpose of either
residential or administrative buildings.


Reasons for Constructing High Buildings:


Rapid growth of
population in urban communities.

Expensive land

Restriction of random
expansion in major cities adjacent to agricultural lands.

High cost of setting
up infrastructure for new cities.

Expression of
progress and civilization.


Types of High Rise Buildings:


1.    Office Buildings: An office building is a ‘structure
designed for the conduct of business, generally divided into individual offices
and offering space for rent or lease’.

2.    Hotel Buildings: The term ‘hotel’ is an all inclusive
designation for facilities that provide comfortable lodging and generally, but
not always food, beverage, entertainment, a business environment, and other way
from home services. There are also hotels that contain residences too.

3.    Residential and Apartment Buildings: A residential
building contains separate residences where a person may live or regularly
stay. Each residence contains an independent cooking and bathroom facilities
and maybe known as an apartment, a residence, a tenement, a condominium.











Under Construction High Rise Building in Islamabad &




Eiffel Tower

1500+ ft


Grand Hyatt Hotel

166 m


BF tower

100 m


Movenpick Hotel

182.7 m


Mall Of Islamabad

100+ m

24+2 (26)

World Trade Center
(Platinum Square)

300+ ft

28+ 5


ISLAMBAD                    PARK LANE

(Under Construction)



and Consequences:


Tall buildings are built out of necessity as one of a
wide range of tools to achieve high density development. They provide the
opportunity to control urban sprawl with their relatively small footprint.

High-rise buildings need to be clustered
and located in commercial areas that attract people who want to do business and
generate business. Having business, workers and activity clustered in one area
will contribute to higher productivity and higher contribution to value added.

There are also environmental benefits to
high-rise buildings. This type of construction reduces land uptake and allows
for development without necessarily taking over green spaces. The idea is not
to cover the entire country with tall buildings, but to create a strategic
balance between what is already built, skyscrapers and the rest of the land

To succeed, investments in high-rise
projects need to be geared in such a way that they attract global demand. While
the growth of existing business and relocation is important, they presumably
occupy a minor share of the new developments. As such, it is important for the
economy to be selective by becoming innovative and diversifying as much as

High-rise buildings will target a new
niche market, attracting new people and new types of expenditure which are not
yet catered for.

  Impact of High Rise Building:

1-    Job Opportunities

2-    Business Development

3-    International Investors

4-    Overseas Pakistanis Invest in Business

5-    Impact on Economy   

6-    Overall City Beauty

7-    Tourism


Job Opportunities

During construction projects
of high rise building thousands of jobs opportunities will be announced in
civil, Electrical, HVAC Mechanical & Safety departments. After completion
of project, operational and management jobs will be announced which is
beneficial for the especially local residence of Islamabad & Rawalpindi.


Business Development

Impact of high rise building
in business development that international brands of different business sector
will show interest to open franchise in high rise building which is
specifically need in Islamabad after Centaurus Mall.


International Investors

If International investor
will invest in high rise building which will be beneficial for our economy and
business. International investors can be joint venture with largest
construction group like Bahria town, pak gulf & Hashoo Group for the
development of economy of Pakistan. Bahria town is already working in high rise
building also including Islamabad city which is mind blowing in these
circumstances where Pakistani currency is decreasing day by day due to


Beauty of City:

High Rise Building will
increase the beauty of Islamabad/Rawalpindi city which increase tourism from
all over the world.