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Hello everyone, I just got back from watching Padmaavat or Padmavati depending on where you are in the world or what time you’re seeing this film. I guess if you saw this film months ago then it was called a different name and if you’re seeing it now then it’s called Padmaavat. This film has caused a lot of controversies; unnecessary controversies; really! It’s one of those things where a group of people have got their knickers in a knot over something that they haven’t seen. This happened last year with movies like The Great Wall and Ghost in the Shell. I remind you that people weren’t rioting in the streets, people were just complaining on Twitter and Tumblr about movies that they hadn’t even seen and that’s not what’s happening here.

Padmaavat is based on a work of fiction, it’s an epic poem that was written about 500 years ago and from what I understand there are right-wing groups that are losing their fucking minds over what in essence is just an average fantasy film. The basic story, you have Padmavati who’s this beautiful woman; that’s literally her character; she’s just beautiful; she doesn’t really have any depth to her; she’s just a beautiful strong woman, but she’s strong because she’s beautiful? Does that make sense? She marries a king. she’s a Hindu and there’s this Muslim Sultan or Muslim ruler who’s completely ruthless called Aladdin and he wants to take over the world, take over India as he goes around, he kills people and he rapes and pillages with his assistant and we’ll talk about that character in a minute and he is told by a religious man that he needs to marry Padmavati to become the next Alexander the Great; pretty much that’s the story. So he does all he can to try and be in the presence of Padmavati.

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It’s a very very average movie. So why is there all this controversy? Why is there all this backlash? And if you don’t know what the backlash is, I’m going to tell you now about a news, so this group attacked a school bus with children on it, a lot of schools have had to shut down because they are scared that they’re going to be attacked by these men. Seriously, how small does your dick have to be to threaten children? Think about that for a second; theatres are having to employ security; police are involved. There are guys riding in the streets burning down buildings, burning cars just destroying public property. I really feel for them. I really want to hear their side of the story because that’s a way to make people listen. Hurt kids or attempt to hurt kids and destroy public property not going to win you any fans. Why are they doing this, well according to them; these men, that haven’t seen the movie; there is a scene where the Muslim leader and the Hindu Queen have a romantic liaison. I hate to break it to you boys those two characters never share the screen together. They never have a scene, no scenes exist where those two are on screen together. There’s one that involves Aladdin who is the bad guy clearly, the evil character of the film; where he makes the truce with the other King, and he says okay you can see Padmavati for a second and he raises a curtain and he gets to glance at her for about half a second that’s it. That’s what you’re burning down buildings, cars, destroying property and threatening kids? For a silly movie? This movie isn’t good, it’s average, its okay, I would not have even bothered watching this film if it weren’t for the bullshit that’s going on at the moment. This movie is actually playing in many cinemas in about 3 or 4 different languages I saw the Hindi version earlier today but it’s playing at more cinemas than Hindi films usually play and I would recommend people see this movie as average as it is. I would recommend you see it because I despise censorship those of you who don’t know India is actually quite heavily censored. I know it doesn’t seem that way but I own books, movies and video games that are illegal to have in this country, why do I buy those things? Well because you tell me I can’t have them and soon as you do that my brain switches on it goes okay so you want to treat me like a child alright then, that’s when I turn into rebellious teenage Corey and however I can get my hands on it. All you’re doing with your protests are providing the filmmakers with free publicity. Well done! More people are going to see this movie because you are acting like children my two-year-old niece never talks tantrums over things the grown men get their panties in a twist over an average at best movie.

The performances in this are okay as I said the lead actress she doesn’t have a lot to do, she is a literally beautiful woman in the film and in real life she’s perfect and I don’t say that about many women but physically she’s perfect and that’s what she represents in the film. She’s given something to do towards the end but for the most part, she doesn’t do much. The best part of the film is Aladdin the Muslim bad guy, fantastic character. Is he terrible? Yeah! The things he does are terrible. Is the performance terrible? To a certain extent, yes! The actor does this thing where he just hams it up. He’s chewing the scenery but thanks to him because if he wasn’t in the movie I would have been bored shitless. Every time he was on screen, he got my attention again like oh the bad guys back, he’s great, he’s doing that thing Joaquin Phoenix did in Gladiator or Alan Rickman did in almost every movie where he played a bad guy, Gary Oldman great bad guy. He’s doing that thing where he’s just going completely over the top, he knows what kind of movie he’s in, playing this pantomime bad guy. He’s entertaining.

The cinematography is very good, the sets are impressive, the costumes were fantastic, and it’s a beautiful film to look at. Some of the CG is great, some of the CG is terrible; style over Substance that’s the best way to describe this film; stylistically it’s very good, story wise not much happening there. It’s a very stock standard we’ve seen this all before but it’s okay. So I would recommend it to people purely for the fact that it’s going to piss people off and I’m sure people will be pissed off at my review. I’m sorry I thought the film was okay if it wasn’t such a big deal I would have never bothered but here we are grown man threatening kids that’s what I think of that. It’s nothing to be worried about why do people get so angry about a form of entertainment it’s just a movie watch it, don’t watch it, it’s up to you. Be offended, fine. But don’t hurt people over it, don’t destroy public property, it’s just a goddamn movie get the fuck over it.