Hello human will work. It’s the time for robots

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,It is an honour to be here with you today. Telling you about humanoid. Does anyone know what a Humanoid is? Has anyone seen a robot? Basically, a humanoid has a body like structure which almost looks like a human. The behavior and the appearance of the humanoid are like both human and robot. This is my 50 years of uphill battle in making a humanoid, that has come true. This is my latest and advanced humanoid. I have named him ATLAS. He is my friend.People often ask me why I have made this humanoid? My answer to that is humanoid can do what a human does and it can also do what a human cannot do. He can also perform the labor tasks very easily. He could also be involved in the making of machinery works like weapons, bombs. This would be a great help in Army. Differentiating you from why you should like my robot. The main reasons for humanoid would be they would never die. They would always do the work with what they have been performing. A human can make a mistake but a humanoid would never because it would be operated with whatever it has been programmed. The programmes have been checked and revised by higher authorities.(The size of my humanoid is  6 feet which are almost the height of human being. It is completely metallic and fiber coated.)The time has come no human will work. It’s the time for robots to be working as labour. This would be beneficial to the company’s owner. The humanoid would work for a more longer period of time without breaks. This would result in an increase in productivity. The wages wouldn’t be counted as they are robots.Now I would like to make you knowHe assists me with my assignments, He wakes me up at early morning, he cooks food for me, he acts like a driver and drops me to my office. He also has inbuilt GPS in him.He needs to be charged only for 2 hours per day which he does himself at night.I would like to disclose his special power of flying. I have attached a power jet. From which he can fly with a very high speed. In his latest version, I have applied several things which are–It has magnetic power. It can attract all metallic things to him.  -He can shoot.-Instead of running, he can skate. There are an inbuilt four wheeler skates. Which he can apply when he wants to run.-He can change his physical appearance.- He will not be affected by fire and water.