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Have you encountered a situation where you order a vegetarian meal and end up with achicken biryani instead since you are in a restaurant which serves both? How tired are youof waiting around for a genuinely fresh veggie platter?Enter Meals and Memories!And no, it’s not all just flattery promises and fancy visuals. Having gone through the samecrisis time and again, we decided to put an end to this looming catastrophe. This one’sespecially for those of you who miss all the goodness made right at home, served fresh andwith love. Cancelling on infrastructure, we put that extra time and resources into deliveringquality dishes. Let’s face it – the everyday hurly-burly influences all of us to pick takeawayover driving to a restaurant.Considering the number of students and professionals living on their own, away from thecomfort of their mothers’ warmth and love, we understand how difficult it is to eat healthyeveryday – it is easier said than done. This is why we have the on-demand daily tiffin serviceto ensure your nutritions reach you right. Tell us your preference and we have your mealscovered. And filing your tummy is not our priority, ensuring you enjoy a healthy meal is.Like most food outlets, everything ‘fresh and organic’ comes with a hefty cost, right? Wrong.We, at Meals and Memories are here to put an end to this rising trend. Fresh food never wasand never should be a luxury. It’s high time we stop settling for cheap junk food just becauseof the affordability. Now, pay a price you deem just for a meal that’s just as healthy as theone cooked at home – we are very pocket friendly.Above all, our focus is only on vegetarians who don’t often find a place in the city with avariety of options without compromising on the quality, and the non-vegetarians who crave agreen meal from time to time. After all the quality and price assurance, vegetarian-friendlyenvironment is only the cherry on top.