Have cars have a lot of moving parts such

Have you ever thought what car you are going to buy like electric or gas? I would guess most people go for gas because it will be cheaper at the time that you buy it? But did you know the longer that you have an electric car you will realize that it is actually cheaper!!!Electric cars If you are buying a electric car make sure that you know that all electric cars have a motor in some cars they have dual motors. You should also know that hybrid cars have a combo of a internal combustion engine and a electric motor these two things help the car move. Electric cars are lighter because they have no engines or gas tanks. Electric cars are made of a battery and a motor or 2. These lightweight cars usually help with performance and are aerodynamic. Electric cars provide a cleaner air for us.  80% of the battery is actually used to power the car. On average somebody travels around 40 mile an electric car can take you that amount of miles easily. Some cars have a range of 300 miles on one charge. Gasoline cars Moving on to the next topic. In a gas car the pedal ignites the gas which then activates the gas line running it to the pistons then it makes the car move. Gas cars have a lot of moving parts such as the pistons the gas tank the engine and the gas line. The wheels also move. A gas car can around 300 miles on one gas tank. Refueling is quick and easy.Pros and Cons of Gas cars Here are some pros and cons of gas cars. Some pros for gas cars are that they cost less to buy than gas cars and ome gas cars cover longer distances. Gas cars have a powerful engine while electric has no engine.Some cons are that Gas cars are a big part of pollution and it is a health hazard because of gas leaks and being exposed to gas at a gas station. It relies on fossil fuels.Pros and Cons of Electric Car Some good stuff and some bad you need to know about gas cars.Electric cars are good because they release no pollution and are quiet. If you turnon a electric car you will hear nothing because there’s no engine starting. These are cheaper to operate and use. They have no tailpipe gas tank or engine. A big thing is no emissions.Cons are that some electric cars are have gas and battery these are called hybrids but they can still give off co2. They have limited range and  take longer to charge to take it out. Most of the time they cost more to buy in the beginning. There are less options in electric cars.          Types of Gas and Electric carsHere are some of the best types of gas and electric cars.There are lots of gas cars out their such as toyota. Other ones are hyundai and kia. Their is also honda, Ford, audi, lamborghini, ferrari, chrysler.Electric cars are Ford Focus, Kia soul EV, WW E-Golf, Chevy Spark EV, BMW I3, Nissan Leaf, Tesla Model 3, Tesla model S, Tesla model X, Tesla Roadster, Tesla Semi Truck. Overall DifferencesBetween the two types of cars they have some overall differences such as electric cars have only a motor and a battery. they also have wheels like any other car. While a gas car has many moving parts such as a gas tank an engine pistons and wheels. Gas vehicles have a lot of maintenance such as oil changes while a Electric vehicle has very little maintenance required.