Has dollars per year to battle nitrogen pollution and

Has nitrogen leaks happen they eventually end up flowing into our drinking waters. As read from and article of New York State the excess nitrogen levels have been mostly linked to the acidification of freshwater and also to the marine surface waters. Our Groundwater which remains the primary source of our drinking water on Long Island has been record with high levels of nitrogen in particular areas, And because of such levels they correlated with colon cancer, bladder cancer, and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Unfortunately, these levels remain below the federal standard. One major effect of nitrogen pollution on us is by our food. As said before nitrogen is not only affecting us humans but it’s killing many species of animals. In one of our bays in long island there was a huge disaster because of a huge leak of nitrogen there was a huge death rate of fish. If this keeps happening there will be no more fish to eat or we will be eating effects fish. Another major reason that nitrogen pollution is harmful to our environment is because of algal blooms. Algal blooms cause a major environmental damage as well as serious health problems within people and animals. Nitrogen pollution and also algal blooms take a huge number of production on the economy by hurting industries that depend on clean water. Federal and also state and local governments spend over billions of dollars per year to battle nitrogen pollution and to prevent its effects to spread even more.  As we all have read Nitrogen is a major problem on long island. Long island has battled its way to help the community to have good healthy drinkable water, but our own people and our everyday actions is was it affecting the world we live on. While it’s sinking into our grounds and spreads, our governor and technology is coming up with brand new ideas to prevent the leaking of nitrogen in our septic tanks. It is the responsibility of everyone to protect our environment and to Let us  protect and nourish the world we live on, with responsibilities in our environment we need protection in creating a quality ecological environment.