Growing treated as individuals. I would like to be

Growing up, I have always heard that I can become whatever I wanted to be. As a child, knowing that possibility made me excited about my future. I started to explore and research all the possible careers that are out there, but only two caught my attention, fashion and medicine. Having a mother that is a tailor, it was a blast working alongside with her; creating different designs, and watching my visions come to life. Although a career in fashion definitely piqued my interest, it did not have my heart. A career in medicine was truly something I yearned. 

The enthusiasm I have for math and science throughout my education and my passion to help others in a safe and effective way made me further think about my future career. I came to a realization that with a career in pharmacy, I can combine my love of math and science and my desire to care for others. My interest in pharmaceutical further increased with my desire to be involved in one’s health improvement, to be knowledgeable in the various topic pertaining to healthcare, and to explore my fullest potential through a meaningful career.

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A strong characteristic of mine is my devotion to care for others and to contribute to their health. Though I have yet to gain any work experience in the field; through personal experience and observation, I have learned that health professions offer the same devotion and mission. Whenever I visit a pharmacy and receive consultation about a medication from a pharmacist, I feel like I am being taken care of and helped in a meaningful way. Pharmacists provide patients with a meaningful sense of reassurance and trust that they are being taken care of and are treated as individuals. I would like to be that person who is actively involved in treating patients with great care.

The pharmacy field is definitely evolving with its wide range of opportunities and new developments. I find working in this field to be inspiring with its introductions to new medicines; and the fast-developing profession makes me eager for all the possibilities I will have with a degree in Doctor of Pharmacy.