Growing had our many few science classes trying to

Growing up I was always brimming and full of
questions, I would make sure I made a list of questions upon arriving to class
to fulfill my curiosity. “Curious” is what I am, I am very curious about the living organism/
human body, what its capable of, what it does and how it operates even at a
molecular level. My interests are fueled by the complexity of how we function
and carry out unconscious activity’s that are so complex yet we have no
conscious control or make the effort to make it happen (e.g. respiration). Who
would have thought that we require such a complex cycle like the Krebs cycle to operate for us to gain energy to carry out everyday aspect? I was interested in the human body since I was
in 5th grade when we had our many few science classes trying
to learn the basic principles of the human body like “Mrs. Nerd”.


 My knowledge
developed from something as simple as a mnemonic for living organism to
learning about the biochemistry of hormones like the adrenal gland (and it
wasn’t as simple as cell signaling between messenger molecules and target
cell), the function of nephrons within our kidneys and how we can tackle medical issues like diabetes using GM bacteria (potentially stem
cell soon). The science and medical research advancement allowed us to tackle
such issues that we wouldn’t have even could treat let alone cure back in our
early generations of humans. In 10th grade I had the affinity of strong attraction towards biology and chemistry. What amazes me above all is how organisms whether complex or simple are just a collection of body cells; initially so small but as a collective are powerful enough to determine the features/
nature of an organism. DNA in its simple molecular form is just an organic chemical compound that yet has so many influences over our characteristics, behavior, makeup etc. studying psychology has enabled
me to understand specifically how mental diseases like schizophrenia has
genetic basis that alongside other external factors like high expressed
emotions can cause the symptoms to relapse in an individual, understanding how
much of a strong influence genes are made me grow a particular interest to this
field of science.  

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The excellent wide range of interrelated modules
offered by your university will give me the strong foundation before I make the
choice of narrowing my interests down to a scope. My love and appreciation of
nature and science has been strengthened by visits to museums, participating in
programs like outreach, watching documents like the discovery channel of
wildlife and making camp trips to field trips (school trips) which I must have application to this field I want to
study in. Apart from my interests in the science and research field, my interests vary from creating art portfolios,
cooking (as I like eating, I cook various food from many different cultures) and working out in my spare time. As I have a very strong mental visual representation I
find it much more suitable to draw what’s in my mind out on a canvas, transferring my
thoughts, feelings, desires and emotions all on a blank canvas. I try to intertwine my hobby with my interests, at
times I spend hours creating artistic drawing of a realistic body part and dissecting the drawing to make It
scientific and appropriate for what I am studying, I tend to find this useful
as I am a visual learner. 


Coming to your open day I came across the art society
which immediately interested me as I know my talent and interests will be
recognized at an institute like this. The book understanding biology for advanced level by Glenn and Susan Toole has given me an insight into much more aspects like biotechnology, embryo
experiment, birth control and genetic engineering which fueled my interest even


I recently carried out a medical clinical work
experience at a hospital where I was working with patients; I was working alongside the
doctors, nurses, and pathologist. At one point I even did an ear examination on
a patient who had ear infection, letting the doctor collect the swab test and
me labeling the sample, putting appropriate labels and sending it down to the
pathology lab, I spoke to a Pathologist, learned that their role consists of working with blood
disorders ranging from