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Good morning Mrs Tian and fellow friends. I am Xinye, a senior member of Chinese Drama Society with more than 3 years in act. As a senior, I have seen a tons of stage plays from behind the scene, and one valuable intake from my CCA is very well summarised by my Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) journey last year. With the gleaming certificate of distinction, it should means that our performance is(kiss fingertips and toss away)wonderful. It is perfect if we ignore the fact that we missed a few lines, delayed entrances and failure to greet the judges after the finale because exceeding by one second means disqualification. However, these mistakes are common on stage because we are mere humans, and not acting machines. This is why we have countless of rehearsals repeating the same dialogues and gestures over and over again. We know that the actual performance are to be treated seriously because we only have one chance to impress the judges and the audience, let them exclaimed that hey look St. Nicholas Chinese Drama Society is amazing. We don’t have a second chance if we failed to do so. Therefore, right from the moment when the lights is off and action, We are always on standby. One major failure because you lose focus will mean that we lose the show. Thus, i learnt that by always keeping in mind the scarcity of a second chance makes you more determined and devoted in what you are doing. What is second chance? It means that you are able to try something again after failing once. There are many such cases in life, especially when you trawl the internet. People are always sharing such motivating stories: Simon Cowell gave him a second chance and he killed it on the X-factor! Drug addicts who were given a second chance got to an amazing pitch in life! Nonetheless, not everyone can get a second chance to be discovered as a hidden gem. Well, It is true that everyone deserves it, but not everyone can get a second chance anytime at any event. It is scarce, especially when you put yourself in life risking situation, like driving. Distracted driving, unconsciously driving and blind driving are very irresponsible actions that caused many victims to be severely injured or die on the road. There will be no turning back for these victims and loved ones.Lastly, time simply cannot rewind. This means that you cannot have a second chance when it comes to making a good first impression. When people sees you for the first time, they immediately form impressions about you. Oh, you have spectacles, tidy school uniform and good smile, straight A student. Here, you have blah blah blah, and you must be lazy. Every single details they can perceive from your face and body allows a profile of you to register in that person’s brain. This fact is crucial because building a good first impression can propel you forward in many ways, such as a study stating that 70 % of the interviewees decides who to hire within 30 seconds of their first meeting and having a positive impression of you makes the person more likely to engage with you in the future, fostering many potential friendships or even relationships.To wrap things up, scarcity of a second chance should be one of the values embedded in our river bank of mind. We should remember that time cannot rewind so we have to do our utmost best in everything and think carefully before embarking on something dangerous so as to not give ourselves any regrets in life. If life are so generous to give you a second chance. Appreciate it and avoid making the same mistakes twice because once is enough to make you cry. Thank you for your kind attention!