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Geothermal energy comes from the Earth’s inner heat. Geo means earth in Greek, and therme means heat. It can be found in areas around the edge of a tectonic plate, like California, Iceland, and Kenya. It is an naturally renewed energy. There are four main types of geothermal resources. They are hydrothermal, geopressured, hot dry rock, and magma. Currently only hydrothermal resources are being widely used to provide power. Hydrothermal resources are reservoirs of steam or hot water where magma comes close enough to the surface to heat groundwater trapped in fractured rocks or rocks with absorptive properties. There are some pros to using geothermal power. Geothermal power plants release less than 1-4% of the emissions of a fossil fuel power plant. Geothermal resources are naturally replenished, and are renewable. Therefore they are very good to use for these reasons.As there are some pros, there are also some cons. Geothermal energy is very expensive. To create one power plant with the capacity of 1 megawatt (enough to power about 165 houses), it costs 2-7 million dollars. Also, good geothermal resources are hard to come by. Some countries like Iceland and the Philippines have great geothermal resources, and are able to take care of up to one third of their electricity needs through geothermal energy. However, some countries such as the Czech Republic have little to no geothermal resources, and therefore do not use geothermal energy as much, if at all.Geothermal energy is generated by steam turbines. Water or working fluid (from the geothermal resources) is heated and then sent through a steam turbine where the heat is transformed to electricity with a generator through a process called electromagnetic induction. Next, they take the fluid and cool it, then send it back into the ground.I think geothermal energy is an excellent source of energy. It is naturally renewed, so we would never run out. Also, it is significantly less of a pollutant that other energy sources such as coal and oil. It releases less than 1-4% of the toxic emissions that a fossil fuel plant does. In conclusion, I think that geothermal energy should continue being used, and even be used more frequently due to its lack of pollutants and its natural renewals.