George president. Washington was known as the hero of

    George Washington, United States of America’s first president was actually born on February 11 but due to when the colonies switched to the Gregorian calendar from the Julian calendar, his birthday was moved eleven days. George was one of Virginia’s delegates in both congress, First and Second Continental Congress. The continental congress was this group of representatives from each colony that decided to fight the British together. The continental congress, they appointed Washington as general of the Continental Army. He is considered a hero of the American revolution and was known for being the Continental army’s leader. During the time of his presidency, George Washington established many roles and traditions of the President of the US that still stand today.
Washington was born in 1732 in Westmoreland County, Virginia and died in December 14, 1799 in Mount Vernon, Virginia. When his father died, he was raised by his older brother who taught him how to be a gentleman and educated in basic subjects such as math and reading.  He started working and the age of 16, later on became involved in the Indian and French war. George married Martha Dandridge Custis, he took over the estate of Mount Vernon after his brother Lawrence died and George became a large landowner additionally he was elected to the Virginian legislature. Not much after, Washington and his fellow landowners became disappointed with the British treatment an so they decided to fight for their rights.
After Washington and his army won the battle, the people realized they wanted a strong national leader of great authority as their first Us president. Washington was known as the hero of the Revolution, and so he was the first choice people thought about. Even though he thought about a different life for him and his family, he decided that he was going to accept the duty of being their first president.  This is when he starts working with the congress as they decide to make  whole new government, a whole new different system for the United States, on the other hand based on the fact that they wanted to create a new government they faced some problems. Washington came with the idea to create a cabinet which basically was to share their thoughts, opinions or whatever they were planing to do. The cabinet consisted of executive branch officials such as the director of the Central, Intelligence Agency, the administrator of the Environmental, Protection Agency, and the vice president. 

Washington was known as the hero of the revolution after he was chosen by the congress to be the continental army’s leader in the American revolution against the British. His plans and the leadership he had, made posible the victory in the revolutionary war even though he was not at all experienced, and the lack of weapons they won the war. Defending their rights, defending their will, and defending what they believed it was the best for his country, he could direct the army making them stronger. The lack of supplies of course became one of Washington’s challenges due to a poor supply chain they had which  negatively impacted. 

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Washington  also helped with the development of the executive branch Washington in order to help him make the policies and to carry out the laws that passed by Congress.  When Washington took office, the executive branch of government included the two officials, the president and the vice-president. The Congress created three executive departments in order to help the leaders this departments where the Department of State, which deal with foreign affairs, the Department of War, to handle military matters, and the Department of the Treasury, to manage finances. Washington decided to assign leaders to each of this departments, leaders that could be trusted. Washington of course did his duty of president by helping developing all this new departments, and ideas.

At last we are able to conclude that George Washington was a great president in the United states he had all the qualities, and thanks to Washington many ideas were able to be developed and still be used today. George Washington was not just a president, he was a leader that was capable of making a whole new government, managing all the colonies, making a strong national government as the people wanted. Washington was a hero not just by the victory he had in the revolutionary war which thanks to him people defended in what they believed in, despinte his lack of knowledge about war he fought for his country and for their rights.