Generally Asian countries are differentiate from others developed countries

the meaning of word employment is the working of different persons to earn some
salary to fulfil their routine needs. In the other picture, the unemployment is
the level in which persons search for jobs and mentally ready themselves for
working at any salary which already offered in the competitive market. There
are many issues related to the need and importance of the topic. At very first very
limited standard definition is provided by the international conference of labor
statisticians (1954) about unemployment but it has some debatable problems related
to the nature of the unemployment and not suitable for developing countries. Moreover
additional exposure of unemployment has been possible and by the reducing the “conventional
meaning of criterion of seeking work”. On the basis of that, it is discussed that
as there is no standard definition of unemployment, by which measurement problems
can be removed, in many developing countries statistical records of unemployment
is still linked with visible unemployment which are associated with official
sector of higher opportunities and city areas.

is the one of the main problem due to shortage of absorption capacity in many
different developing countries. South Asian countries are differentiate from
others developed countries by most important problem which is higher
unemployment rate. Unstable economic conditions are caused by higher rate of employment
as the unemployment rate has inverse effect on economy. This is the disturbing
situation because when peoples are unemployed less resources are utilized that’s
why the whole production of an area is less than its possible level of output because
all the resources in the countries are not totally utilized.

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Through various
factors of production and by using all the accessible productive actions it is
the effort of every administration to generates employment opportunities. Frightening
problems in developing countries including Pakistan is related with the higher
population rate. In the economy, Different socio economic problems generates by
the gradual increase in the population. Not only unemployment increased but
also adds backlog of unemployment. If people didn’t find job in their own
country then tried to move to other country for the jobs. This is very alarming
for the future of a country, specifically if other countries are interesting
its brain drain.