Gender married women have to take care of both


is playing an important role in work family conflict. Work family conflict is
rooted in the surge of women work force, and also some says that gender is the
main factors that create work family conflict. Society makes some specific role
for women, when women cannot play those rolesthen work family conflict comes.
And also society has more expectation and psychological meaning to women for
family. And society thinks that the outside work is best suited for men not
women and women are best suited for household work. So when women go outside
and work with others and cannot play their household role then they have face
difficult situation both from the family and the work place. (Joseph &
Adam )



Work family conflict is
a common phenomenon among women. Women have to bear some household
responsibility.  Both the family and the
work want more time from women. But for a woman it is impossible to give enough
emphasis on both of them. When they try to do family work properly, they cannot
concentrate in their work place. And then it creates work family conflict.
Women who have family and children are facing more problems. They can’t get
chance to provide enough time in work and so they are facing different types of
humiliation and get deprived from different opportunities. Apparently the women
who are not married are more successful than a married one. Unmarried women do
not have to pay much attention to their family where the married women have to
take care of both family and work. When this types of situation arises the
workplace become biter for those women and they cannot work properly and become
depressed. (N. , M, Atiq , B., & B, 2010)

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