Gender different motives, perspectives and fields of interest. They

Gender has an important role in the consumer behavior. Men and women
need and buy different products. (Ward & Thuhang 2007) In general, males and females make
their purchasing decision based on their different motives, perspectives and
fields of interest. They are likely to have different opinions about obtaining
things. From daily life experience we see that both genders bring different
decisions whether its about personal or professional life and even about eating
or shopping decisions they both differ in the decision-making process. Men
usually see what they want and buy what they want, as for women they shop until
they drop. During the times before households shopping errands and household
decision makings were thought of a women job and men did all of the physical
work. Influences of husbands and wives differed based on the situation. Males
and females do obtain characteristics. Females show more of sensitivity and understanding
rather than men but women change behaviors and expressions depending on the location,
context and the social and culture factors. More of male characteristics can be
described as emotional balance, control and surveillance. The process of
shopping for a male is seen as a mission. A very important subtle difference is
that men hate the procedure of shopping but yet cherish having something
bought. The gender perception between males and females is that women feel the
pride in their capability to get the best items at the best costs. Marketers
sympathize this perception by putting great deals to offer a feeling for
achievement for their shopping experience. Men tend to usually by immediately
and are not aware of great deals or offers. They just purchase what they are in
a need of. Research studies have shown that in the past 10-15 years the
shopping difference between men and women has seem to be changing very quickly.
Reasons behind this include that younger generations of well-educated men
started less believing that grocery shopping is considered to be a women’s job.