games are considered one of the world’s go-to modes

games are considered one of the world’s go-to modes of entertainment. Today, gaming companies face one battle after another to determine who stays ahead in the gaming industry. From SEGA to Atari, consoles that lose the war would usually go straight into bankruptcy.Most games that come out on console are already on PC and almost if not all of the apps for them are from PC. On PC most games nowadays are programs to be installed, while most consoles are mainly used for discs. Discs are easily scratched or lost, and are the main source of games for consoles. With PC there are programs like steam that you can buy games off of and add non steam bought games too, it also has a full list of the games you own on it and you can search for a  specific  game you want to play. Steam has sales going all the time for all kinds of games too. Then there are the in browser flash games that used to be popular, these games are all free to play and the people who made them, usually, don’t get money from it, It was just a bunch of kids seeing what they could do. On consoles almost all games are paid for, with Xbox and PlayStation giving out free games for limited times each month. Warring consoles must rely on new innovations to make gameplay more interesting and interactive so that players have more ease. Hardware becomes a necessity to some games for best graphics, ease of use and gameplay. PS4 may win in this category due to its superior raw processing horsepower capable of better graphics for visual effects to run more smoothly. A controller is undoubtedly the extra limb of a gamer. Without a controller, it’s impossible to play a game. Not only must there be improvements on the overall structure of a controller, but also in its individual features for the best comfort since gamers can play many hours at a time. PS4’s controller the DualShock 4 is undoubtedly one of the greatest innovations in the gaming industry to date. PlayStation has taken into account the idea of comfort for players who wish to play for long periods of time by increasing the width of the controller including a clickable touchpad in the center of the controller and a headphone jack in the bottom. Xbox has improved somewhat whereby the grip improved significantly and battery packs are much less bulky but are somewhat lacking as compared to the new innovations in PS4 controllers.While they are both amazing, there is always one that is better. PC can’t be beaten by a console because of its customizability. On almost all PC games have a button configuration setting, so you can change the default buttons to ones you’re more comfortable with or to ones that make gameplay easier. PC also wins because it is nearly impossible to get mods for your console games, while on PC with software like steam you can download mods by just clicking a button. This makes games last longer even if they are short, certain games need mods for you to play online. Other games completely revolve around mods, and have so many that certain online servers need you to download their modpacks. Console games are limited to what the game creators put in or added in through DLCs.