Free of goods and economy takes place among the

Free Trade Agreements, also acknowledged as FTA’s is a treaty
between two or more countries to customize a “free trade area” where the trade
in of goods and economy takes place among the borders without any taxes or duty
concerned. In order to sustain a fair trade among countries from all around the
globe creating opportunities for economically undeveloped producers. Honest
advertising and marketing techniques should be taken into consideration to help
provide a fair trade between countries. Only non-member countries are involved
in tariffs know as a uniform tariff. FTA’s is a system which helps a country to
increase its economic firmness and statues around the globe. It descends the
government spending which aids the country to or the government perks from the
funding upgrade other stuff.In 1820 China had the world’s strongest economy China is Africa’s
largest trading partner. One of the greatest and the strongest countries in the
economic and trade strength in the world. China is an economically rich country
and it serves more as an exporter. China was the world’s largest exporter from
2013 till 2015; it exported about 2 trillion of its production in 2016. Also,
China was ranked as the world’s third largest importer. It serves as the world’
largest importer of aluminum and copper. 
Ranked as the 2nd place as from the top 10 world’s countries with
highest economic status. The Chinese government has lately well-advised free
trade agreements as a new platform which helps China to be welcoming to the
outside countries, and to help domestic reforms. China’s government works hard
on improving China’s trade system by building railways and other infrastructure
to support the trade growth. FTA would help China to strengthen its economic
state by strengthening its economic cooperation with other economies.
Currently, China has 19 FTAs under construction and 14 already signed and got
implemented.            The
FTA’s was newly introduced in China. China’s first official free trade
agreement was with New Zealand in April 2008. Which was New Zealand’s greatest
and largest trade deal since 1983? After that trade agreement, China started to
launch many more agreements, such as with Australia, Switzerland, Korea and
much more till our days. China used FTA’s to exchange of goods and services in
a way of controlling its stability among its borders. The overreliance of China
on economic products would create tensions which could cause a great torn in
relations with other countries. China is related to other countries through
economic exchanges. China trades with different countries in the world such as
Lagos, Myanmar, Cambodia, and many others. China imports lots of products such
as oil, and metal ores from Africa and Latin America. China gained lots of
benefits became after launching FTA’. China started having stronger bonding and
connections between different countries. China’s economic statues became really
strong.Free Trade Agreements also have lots of disadvantages. FTA’s in an
increase in the job outsourcing. Because the FTA’s does not include tariffs,
which is a problem because without tariffs the products price will not be lower
than usual and countries will result in a great economic crisis. Countries that
face international economic issues, cannot be part of the FTA’s. FTA’s requires
a country with a strong economic status in order for it to be able to import
and export goods. Countries such as Yemen have very weak economic status and
they won’t be able to help aid the FTA’s. This committee should help aid
developed and undeveloped countries to enter the international market by
looking deeply into a countries industry to see if a country could be able to
import their products to countries with strong economies but are also in need
of these products. China is related to lots of different situations. China is related
the EU in terms of people-people exchange, cooperation in sustainable
development. China is also related to ASEAN which is considered as the world’s
largest free trade area in terms of population and ranked the third largest in
terms of nominal.

The committee of ECOFIN should help improve Free Trade agreements
by creating a fair trade between the countries and should help aid those
countries with a low economic state. The committee could help improve Free
Trade Agreements by keeping an eye on important or huge trade agreements between
countries who share the strength in the economic state. The committee could
help stop unfair trade agreements by strongly securing the trade systems, and
try to make sure to have no unrepeated unfair trade situations.  

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