Forms fires – Fires including power driven appliances –burnable

Forms of bounds and fields which might require
water extinguishers:
–premises made from timber or different biological
– Places that  biological substances can
be  located including:
o Offices
o Schools
o Hospitals
o Residential properties
o Warehouses

way that water
extinguishers function
The H20 owns a freeze response towards the substance causing it to heat up a lot more
calmly till the flares are gradually extinguished.

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 not to be used for:
Fires including power-
driven appliances
canteen fires
burnable fumes and fluids

Apply  for
 objects such as
 sheets of paper

Tag Colour:
–  Red

 The Water extinguisher is the highest used fire extinguisher sort  considering
an A class flame risk. The majority of properties desire water  extinguishers.

extinguishers are the highest used fire extinguisher on Class B fires, however
they  are 
additionally usable for Class A fires because there water situated.

– Cream

– biological materials including:
o paper
o fibre
o timber
– burnable fluids including paint  and fuel

 do not apply with
– canteen
– Fires including power
–burnable metals

foam extinguishers work
Similar to water extinguishers, foam extinguishers include a freezing reaction
on the substance On heating fluids the foaming agent forms a shield in the
middle of the flare and the petrol, getting rid of the fire.

fields and bounds that might require Foam extinguishers:
– premises made out of timber or different biological objects
– Places where biological materials can be discovered including:
o Offices
educational institution
health care services
o Residential properties
o houses
– premises that flammable fluids can be found

Standard dry powder extinguishers are also called ‘ABC’ extinguishers
because  they  tackle class A, B and C fires, however  they are not recommended  for use in enclosed spaces. This is because
the powder could be inhaled, and the residue is difficult to tidy. ABC powder
extinguishers may be suitable to use  for
some power driven fires. Advanced dry powder extinguishers are made to put out
burnable metals.

Tag Colour:
– Blue

Apply with
substances  including
o Paper
burnable  fluids including  paint and fuel.
– Burnable fumes such as liquid petroleum gas and acetylene
– Fires including  power driven products
up to 1000v

Advanced  dry powder
extinguishers can be used for burnable metals, including titanium and

Don’t apply with
– Fires involving cooking oil
– Fires including power driven appliances over 1000v
– or in compact spaces, for example offices and houses

The way that dry powder extinguishers function
Dry powder extinguishers  surround  fires by creating a shield in the middle of
the petrol and the source of oxygen.

forms of bounds and fields that might require Dry Powder
– premises that  use burnable fumes to
help with chemical processes
– Premises where welding and flame cutting takes place
– Garage forecourts

extinguishers are mainly needed  and
required  for power driven fire hazards
they are often the most common fire extinguisher sort given in computer  rooms. They can get rid of Class B fires burnable
fluids including paint
and petroleum.

– Black

burnable  fluids, such as paint ,fuel
power driven fires

apply with:
– Canteen  fires
– Substances including  timber and
– Flammable metals

way that carbon dioxide extinguishers work
CO2 extinguishers isolate fires by getting rid of the oxygen the fire requires
to burn.

that might require CO2 extinguishers:
 Buildings including power driven appliances
o Offices

o Construction sites
o Server rooms

Wet chemical extinguishers are made to be used on type F fires, including
cooking oils and fats.  They can be applied to type A fires although it is
more common to use a foam extinguisher for this form of fire hazard.

 Tag colour:
– Yellow

– Cooking oil/fat fires
– Organic substances including
o Paper
o fibre
o timber

apply with
– Burnable fluids  fume fires
– power driven fires
–Burnable metals

way that
wet chemical extinguishers function
Wet chemical extinguishers form  a sheet
of foam on the area of the flaming oil or fat, stopping oxygen from making the
fire any worse The spray includes a freezing function

fields/bounds that might require CO2 extinguishers:
– Canteens 

places were food might be being cooked

noticing a fire, rise the alarm by yelling FIRE! to warn people near the fire
after that start the closest fire alarm call point. If not dangerous to do so,
use a correct fire extinguisher to counter the fire, but only if there is
nothing blocking the exit.