For Charles de Secondant Baron de Montesquieu, being an

For Charles de Secondant
Baron de Montesquieu, being an enlightenment philosopher, who encouraged
American values, meant being Critical, Different and Philosophical.

One reason that Montesquieu
was a critic was during his studies in Paris between 1708 and 1713. During this
time Montesquieu wrote the Persian Letters, a series of letters that came as
the form of three Persians writing home to family, and began to hate European
lifestyles. One such way he did not like this lifestyle was the value religion
held in life. One way that Montesquieu expressed his dislike for the Christian
church was by calling the pope “an old idol” and that he was “worshipped out of
habit”. Another reason that Montesquieu was a critic was because held the
current government system in great disdain. Montesquieu called Louis the XIV “a
great magician”.  This evidence shows that being critical is a quality of
an enlightenment philosopher and by extension a quality of an American.

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The next reason that
Montesquieu was important to American values is that he had a different way of
thinking compared to many other people at the time. One way that Montesquieu
had a different way of thinking was because he held in belief that laws not
only defined the rules of society but also were the very foundation of a
society. At the time this was a new belief because with a monarchy or a
dictatorship the leader had almost supreme power and whose word was the law.

Another reason that the Montesquieu is a different thinker is because he states
“laws are the necessary relationships which derive from the nature of
things.” This shows that Montesquieu was a different thinker than most people
of his time, therefore relating to being an American because being an American
was about being different than the rest of the world.

The final reason that
Montesquieu represented American ideals was because he was a philosophical
thinker. This word represents Montesquieu because he wrote about the government
and thought up new systems. The American government was based on a system that
dated back to Greek times but hadn’t been used since the Western Roman Empire
had fallen. Therefore in order to revive this system of government one has to
be a philosophical thinker. Montesquieu also believed that laws and justice
were the foundation of society, both of which are a part of a democracy. Being
philosophical means that one must think about government, which is exactly what
the founding fathers did meaning that being philosophical is a quality of being

In conclusion Baron
Montesquieu was a critic, a different thinker, and a philosopher. All three of
these qualities can be found in both the founding fathers and many Americans of
that time.