Food of some junk food including hot dogs, hamburgers

Food truck


For building a Food Truck,There are a lot
of steps and sections which should be considered and planed.In this
report,three main sections would be discussed.First,the business
purpose.Second,the planning process.Third,recruitment and motivation of staff.

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When the food truck will be organized,the
business purpose should be considered first. For the purpose, there are several
main points.

The food truck could solve some problem of
living convenience for some residents. In the past, when people mention street
food,they would think of some junk food including hot dogs, hamburgers or some
chips where usually stand on the busy corner. ()Things have changed in the past
years, when people created the food trucks which used some trucks, ambulances
and trucks for recycling and reinstallation.When they show up,they actually make
people’s lives easier.For instance,when people go to park and feel
hungry.Then,they do not want to go the restaurant,the food truck could solve
it.For breakfast,lunch,the food truck could be a deliberate choice.Thus,the
first purpose is that provide convenient services for people especially
families and students.

After that,the food truck focus on selling
health food.The second purpose is that provide a healthy lifestyle which means
a good eating habits.For the healthy food benefits, these mainly include
reducing our risk of developing cancer and reducing the risk of geting age-related
dementia.()Therefore, building a healthy food truck is quite necessary which
could Keep more people away from those diseases.

The last purpose is the most realistic
which could make a profit.There are some non-profit food trucks have been organized
in Austrilia.However,our food truck would earn the money,because the operation
of the food truck requires economic sources,the staffs need to earn money to
support their family.Moreover, Running this project will be our duty and
responsibility which is our job.These are the reason why the purpose is making
a profit.

planning process

A good plan has a important role in the
success of the business.()

This food truck planning has several
steps.First,make a summary for this plan.For 3 main reasons which mentioned
above.Then,set the name of the food truck which is “Health Junkie” and the
location would be CBD,Newtown and Events or some parks.Second section is
products.Our food truck would sell some  trendy healthy food which include smoothies,salads,fresh
juice,vegetarian food and protein shakes. Then,it is the financing question.The
food truck would cost about $50,000 adding the prices of the raw materials and
the salary,therefore,60,000 dollars should be prepared.After that,there is a
sales estimate which are profit forecasting and cost forecasting.At last,there
would be a plan for expanding,such as the second food truck will be built in 5

When summary finished,the goals would be
set firstly.In the year 1,the food truck aim to break even and build the
brand.In the year 2,breaking even and making the target profit.Then,the second
food truck will be built in year 5.At last,the café could be set in the future.

After that,staff distribution would be
planned.There are 5 person for this food truck, including two cookers who will
cook and clean the truck kitchen ,two cashier within a driver who will receive
the money and clean the truck and 2 managers who focus on allocation of work
and manage the finance.In this part,investers divide the shares through the
fund ratio.

Moreover,there is the target market.Our
food truck would concentrate on 3 main market.First,for students and office
workers which have busy life and need to ensure a healthy diet.Second part is
teens and families who like to go shopping,strolling or traveling.The last one
is for gym junkies who want healthy food protection.

In the end,the producer should be
discussed. Reliable supplier is a guarantee of food quality and hygiene.So,finding
a good healthy producer in internet in Australia.Then,making a contract for
half year and if it dependable,we will make further contract.


and motivation of staff

The food truck recruitment would have three
steps.First, publishing a job advertisement on a large web site,such as “seek”.Then
listing looking for the type of employees, the place of work, the nature of the
job, and the salary and treatment.In the end,puting the connect address there.

Second part is that do an interview for candidates.The
interview mainly includes professional level, working hours, work experience,
understanding of the job, how to face the job. First, professional level ,such
as cooker, making food delicious is the most important criterion for a cooker.Working
hours means staff when they can work.Then,if they have similar work experience.At
least,asking saome questions about this job and make sure they understand this

After that,the food truck would hired them
for three month period on a trial basis.Finally, Selecting the required staff
according to the level of the job.

The motivation of staff could bring vitality,
duty, and innovativeness to work.()There are some ways can motivate
employees.First, giving employees benefits, such as traveling together or
issuing bonuses.Second,making the staff feel a sense of belonging and getting full
of enthusiasm for the work.Third,let employees give feedback positively, such
as suggestion of improvements,innovations and management of this business.In
the end, Allocating the  staff working
hours reasonably and let the employees have the energy to complete the work