First reading the books you bought for us. Those

First Letter:Hi grandpa,This is your lovely grandson, Eduard. Thanks to you, we are having a great time with my parents and my sister. We are reading the books you bought for us. Those books changed our lives. Every single day, we tidy the bookshelf that you built for us. Right now, we have more than 150 books and they are all on the bookshelf. I organized them and they look perfect. Again, thank you so much. Right now, my sister is getting her daily treatment- you know that she is mentally ill- and she doesn’t enjoy it, because she says that it makes her dizzy and tired, and it makes her feel uncomfortable. My mother is trying to calm her down while she is getting her treatments, but she never stops punching and hurting mum. She hates when mom says Gabriella instead of Gabriel. I don’t understand why she does that. I and Papa just came back from the woods. Can you believe that he just bought me a new ax? We collected and chopped some trees and tree branches. I used my new ax and it is amazing. It is really easy and comfortable to hold it. Now, I am studying for my exam, which is tomorrow. I will study science and math. I studied for the other lessons. I think I will get a good score. Wish me luck! My teacher told me that you are going to come to our school next month. I hope you will bring me great books and presents. I am looking forward to seeing you. I will read three books before you come. Take care of grandma. I miss you.Kind regards…Eduard MüllerSecond Letter:Dear grandpa,First, I wanted to tell you that I love so much. You can never imagine how much I love you. I still miss you a lot and I want to see you as soon as I can. I want to read books with you, but your books. Not mine. A few days ago, everything was perfect. There was peace in our country. Everyone loved each other. No one was disrespectful to each other. Two days ago, a few people stopped by next to our apartment. They got out of their cars- there were at least twenty cars in one street- and they got into our apartments. They knocked every door and they told them to get their stuff and leave their house in maximum ten minutes. They told us to only get our important stuff like money, wallet, watch, etc. They were so rude to us. They hurt people if they weren’t fast enough. They herded us like we were sheep. Every thirty second, they told one person to hurry- even when they run- and they hurt them. I don’t understand why do they hurt Jews (us) like we are not important. I think, they want to show that they are powerful and they can do whatever they want. They are rude and mean people. They hurt us. They kill us! Yesterday, they took us to concentration camps. They also took peoples’ jobs away. You know that Papa had a factory. Well, he doesn’t have it anymore. In the concentration camps, they make us work very hard. Even me grandpa! Even me! I am 15 years old! Why do they make us do these! I don’t want to work. They force people to carry heavy things, do hard jobs, and they make them sick. This morning, they woke us up and they wanted us to go to the stupid anvil carrying place. It smells disgusting in there. I don’t know how didn’t I throw up in there! They make us work so hard. Now, I can’t even read books in here. Can you imagine? I can’t sleep, because our beds are not beds. I can’t eat properly, every single part of my body hurts, and the worst thing is they took my sister away from me, because she is mentally ill. I am not sure, but I think they are going to kill her. On the other hand, this morning, when Papa was carrying an anvil, the anvil fell on his leg and his leg is now swollen and purple. I am very worried about him. I have no idea where my mother is. I hope they are fine and I hope we will live. I love you so much. See you as soon as possible.Your grandson EduardThird Letter:Dear grandpa,If you receive this paper and you can’t read it- it will probably be like that- understand that it was covered in tears and I tried to dry it. I have been living in a basement for three weeks now. I am eating beans and bread every day. I have a few clothes, but they keep me warm. One month ago- I know I haven’t been sending letters to you for two months, but I have an excuse- we were sleeping in the camp. I had to pee, so I woke up. I walked to the window and I saw a man and my sister. He dragged her to the empty place between the walls. He made her kneel down and he put her arms behind her head. He stepped back a little and he took out his gun. He shot her. At that moment, every memory we had came to my mind. We used to ride bikes, play football, eat ice cream, and play with our remote controlled ship together. Now, they are all gone. They disappeared. Our memories disappeared into the sky like a wisp of smoke. My heart hurts like it had never hurt before. I went to the toilet and came back. I slept. When everyone woke up, I woke up too. I touched my face. My eyes were hurting. My cheeks were still wet from crying. Papa came next to me and asked what happened. I asked him if he has heard the gunshot yesterday. He said no. He asked what happened. I said that they shoot my sister because she was mentally ill. He was shocked. I knew that he was trying his best to not to cry, but he did. His tears covered his muddy and dirty face. He told me that she was taken to the euthanasia program, where they killed mentally ill people. He started to cry again. Then, I started to cry again. After that day, I woke up and looked at Papa’ bed. He was not there. I walked out to see if he went out to get some fresh air. Yes, he did get out, but not to get fresh air. There was a bullet inside his neck. I started to cry again. I felt like I ran out of tears, but I didn’t. I kept crying. Next day, I decided to make a plan to escape from that ” graveyard”. My plan was to climb the barrels and the buildings and get out of there. It was the next day. I walked silently. A few people were on the road. None of them were looking back. I stepped on a barrel. Then, I stepped on another one. I climbed on the barrels and reached to a window. Still, no one was looking. I was the luckiest guy in the whole world. I jumped over the wall and landed on the snow. I took my armband off and buried it in the snow where no one can find it. I found a quiet garage to stay in for a night. Next day, I walked down the street. A man saw me. He recognized my face. He was the best guy on earth. He knew that I was a Jew, but instead of reporting me, he gave me a great basement, a few clothes, and a bed to sleep. Every day, he brings food to me. In the morning, he brings honey, bread, and tomatoes. In the afternoons, he brings me beans and bread. He is my new Papa. I didn’t forget my family. I just don’t have them anymore. I have two families right now. One of them is with me and one of them is in the heaven. I am looking forward to seeing you.Eduard Müller