Finest separately via email or by any other way

Techniques to Convert Excel
Contacts to vCard File Format
Overview: This
write up includes some best techniques of convert excel contacts into VCF
file format. To execute this task successfully, users are
required to perform the procedures sequentially. We will also
focus over the requirements to perform this conversion and its
importance. To perform this file format conversion, users just
need their VCF file in which all operations will be executed.

A Brief
Introduction on vCard File
Virtual Contact File or vCard is an ordinary electronic business
card that is used for different reasons. This file is used as
email attachment in exchange address book entity in worldwide. A
vCard file encompasses many attributes as name of employee,
email id, contact number, business address, home address,
photographs etc. Via a VCF, users can interchange contacts
details over electronic devices. A vCard file is compatible with
Windows OS, Android, iOS, Mac, etc.
to Switch From Excel to VCF?
MS Excel files are commonly used for
maintaining a large amount of data. However, in this technical
world storing contact information in Excel workbook is outdated.
Excel files has the capability to store a large amount of data
but sharing contacts separately via email or by any other way is
hard. Conversely, VCF file format can easily store every contact
data in standard format. Thus, it becomes easy to share it with
computers and networks. Apart from this, the VCF files are
highly compatible with various electronics devices that uses
online and offline email applications. This becomes the main
cause to replace Excel contact file with VCF. Well,
here is a user query that states a common demand for such type
of Excel file conversion:
I need to export an Excel contact data file into my iCloud and
it supports only VCF file format. There are so many important
contact information related to my business and I do not want
to take any risk to convert it.  So, is there any technical
specialist who can assist me any technique to convert Excel
contact file to VCF? Please try to sought out my problem as
soon as possible.”
Solution to Convert Excel File Contacts into VCF File Format
measure to move Excel contact file into VCF file format is easy. The team of experts tests this technique
and after getting a successful result only, this is delivered
here. For executing this procedure successfully, users have to
go through 3 major steps:
1.    Excel
file to CSV migration
2.    Import
contacts from CSV
3.    Export
the contacts to VCF
Steps of Exporting Excel to CSV
order to perform Excel to VCF conversion, the first step is
exporting Excel contacts into CSV file format. For this, follow
the down-mentioned steps:
®      Launch
Excel program and open
the XLS/XLSX file in it that you need to export in CSV

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®      Then,
click on Office
symbol that is situated on the top-left of screen
®      From
opened menu list, click on Save As >> Other Formats

®      Browse
location to save the new CSV file
®      Select
CSV (Comma delimited)
(*.csv) from Save
as type menu and click on Save button

®      If
your workbook consists multiple sheets then, a message pop-up
will occur on screen. Click on Ok button for saving
the sheet

®      After
this a new wizard will open for saving chosen file in similar
format, click Yes button

Steps to Import Contacts from CSV
successful excel to CSV conversion, you need to import all
contacts from output CSV. For this follow the steps listed
®      First,
click on Windows icon
of your PC and search for contacts. Click on Contacts option that
is listed under Program

®      For
importing contacts to the system, click on Import

®      A
new Import to Windows
Contacts wizard will opened now. Choose CSV (Comma Separated
Values) >> Import

®      Click
on Browse for
locating CSV file that you need to import

®      Select
the contact CSV file
and click on Open

®      Then,
click on Next button
for further process

®      Map
the contacts and text files and click on Finish button

®      Select
the contact field and Name
the Employee >> Ok

®      While
mapping process completes, click on Finish to begin the
import operation

Steps to Migrate Contacts into VCF
you have imported contacts from the CSV file so, you can export
them into new VCF. To do this follow down-mentioned step:
®      Now,
again go to the contacts
window of PC and select
all contacts you need to export into VCF. After that,
click on Export tab

®      Export
Windows Contacts
wizard will opened now. Select vCards (folder of .vcf files) >> Export

®      Select
the destination location to save the exported VCF. From here,
you can also create a new folder also. Then, click on Ok button

®      Wait
until contacts will exported successfully into VCF format and
click Ok

your Excel Contact file is converted into VCF file format.
of Manual Method
Ø  Applied
on small number of contacts
Ø  Lengthy
and time-taking procedure
Ø  Technical
knowledge is required
Ø  High
chances of data loss from files
in this fast growing online technical market, several tools can
convert Excel contact file into VCF file format. Therefore, here
we will explore two alternatives approaches.
1) Excel to vCard Converter
to some serious drawbacks of manual methods, we highly recommend
users to use a trusted third party tool. Excel to vCard Converter is one
of the best solution to convert Excel contacts file into VCF
Online Excel to VCF Converter
are many online websites and tools available in internet that
can move Excel file into VCF. Users get attracted towards these
software because they do not need the installation of any
program. However, users face several issues while executing the
same operation via these tools like:
Sign in for online data conversion websites
to specify the cell numbers from Excel file
of data missing from output file
surety of getting accurate results
operation may take a huge time (depends on size of file and
internet strength)
these are some reasons that will make you think-twice before
using online converter tools.

discussing needs of the users to Export
Excel to vCard, we have focused on a manual trick via,
which users can convert few contacts only. However, if there are
many contacts then, this is not a good method. It becomes very
extended and time-consuming process. Thus, for executing this
task in hassle-free manner users can go for two commercial
methods i.e. VCF Converter Tool
and Online Converter Tool.
There are some serious drawbacks of using online converter so; we recommend
users to use only VCF Converter