Finally, the federal government. Therefore, the Quebec secession should

Finally, Quebec secession should not happen as undesired precedents will be set not only nationally, but internationally as well. If Quebec were to separate on the basis of being recognized as a distinct society, there will be complications with the Aboriginals and the federal government. The Aboriginals can argue against the fact that they deserve to be recognized as a distinct society with additional benefits since the Aboriginals have a longer heritage and culture. The Aboriginals deserve more compensation as the federal government mistreated the their culture and heritage throughout the past generations. An example is the 1969 White Paper, which its main goal was to remove Indian status and all distinct aboriginal rights (Lagace). Also if Quebec secedes, more provinces will have a justifiable reason to seek secession. This will cause more complications within the Canadian Confederation and states from foreign countries could follow this precedent. In 2017, a Catalonia referendum on secession was won by the majority of the separatist party. Although the Spain constitution declared Spain indivisible, the referendum was held. Nationalists in Quebec, who defended the referendum on secession, also suggested it as a good example for Quebec. This displays the rejection on the rule of law, but rather the preference for anarchy. However there is are fundamental differences between Catalonia and Quebec. Catalonia is a small region and somewhat homogenous (Johnson). However, Quebec is a big region with many Aboriginal nations and the right to be recognized as French Quebec. Even though Catalonia secedes, it will not set a big precedent as it consists of a smaller region and less diversity. However, if Quebec secedes, there will be a clear precedent for other provinces or states to follow from. These precedents will also bring more economic problems and more focus on reconstituting the federal government. Therefore, the Quebec secession should not happen as it will bring unwanted precedents.