Famous of the obstacles with which many people are

people who have been successful like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates often advise us
to work closely together in what they do and if they find what they want to do,
your heart tells you how to think people want luck. There is someone around us
who has triumphed with things like the game, the lottery, etc. But that does
not mean we’re all lucky. I am willing to discuss this by proposing two main
reasons below.

It depends
on how you want to define success, really. an elementary school teacher who
loves his work / life and is loved by his staff / students is so successful as
a Wall Street banker who earns millions if they love their work / life and also
find out that hard work is the quintessence when it is about success and luck
plays a role in continuous persistence, especially because all the work /
experience you prepare to seize the opportunity, when it arises, otherwise,
even if you’re lucky, it will probably ruin you later.

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I do not
think that luck plays a lot, you work hard, you go out and you know the right
contacts, improve your communication skills and improve your knowledge of work.
Everything is part of the job and builds your career. Hard work puts you in a
position to be lucky. If you’re smart and talented enough, you can do it if you
establish the right connections. Apart from this. Unless you’re a big scandal
that does not need funding, it’s what you know.

Of course,
luck; hard work has never had anyone anywhere. I think many people overlook the
good fortune of being born into the right family in the right part of the world
and the opportunities it brings. Hard work is important, but all the hard work
in the world will not help you overcome many of the obstacles with which many
people are born. I work hard and consider myself lucky to go home every day

Of course,
you need to show your value by working hard, but you also need the
“luck” to know the right people to help you move forward. Some of
them believe in luck, some of them work hard, but I think hard work is the
basic need for luck.