Ever my interest into the practical side of medical

Ever since I have been planning a career, the medical aspects always
drew my attention to helping people regain their healthy lives and to be at a
place where I can always make a difference. I want to join the army as a
doctor because in the forces doctors are very important where supporting people
who defend the country is necessary to keep the defence mission running. I have always wanted to be in a
medical profession because I love learning about the human body, medicines and
what they do to us.


I have a youth first aid qualification from St John Ambulance and Heart
start from the British Heart Foundation. I learned about the basic medical skills
and about how systems work in the human body. It drew my interest into the
practical side of medical related studies where applying all you know could be
the difference between life or death.

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I have been to a 6th Form Conference at the Bath RUH where we
saw and interacted with several doctors, nurses and the various equipment they
use. We also had small classes on clinical skills. I went for Suturing, A&E
simulation and a small talk about paths into medical fields. I learned about
basic emergency medicine and all the various teams, like the trauma team,

I attended Medical Society lectures which made me more interested about
further streams in medicine. Going there helped me understand the requirements
and the future demands of medical related careers. It also gave me an insight
into several further specialisations inside such a vast field.

I have participated in the Nijmegen marches which developed my
leadership and teamwork skills. I learned about the less seen uses of
teamwork where everyone is essential and should perform their best to making a
strong advance. I feel these skills would always be useful in the future.

I am a cadet with the Air Training Corps which is a Royal Air Force
style youth organisation. I get a good insight of a career in the forces and
this will help me make a more informed choice. Skills such as teamwork and
leadership can be learned which are integral aspects of success. We visit camps
where we can see various medical corps working and how they function from
providing first aid to providing knowhow of health and safety.  We help at events with manual work and by providing
help in first aid stations. An example would be when we set up a first aid tent
to provide service for runners during a marathon in Southwick County Park.

I am doing a level 2 BTEC in personal development and
teamwork. This helped me to develop my leadership and other personal
skills which I see as very valuable in the future for any career. This made me
understand how basic structuring of activities and self-motivation can help
boost performance. Currently waiting for results and a certificate.

I have studied chemistry, biology, physics which I feel are necessary
for my course.

I have been to an army careers unit where they gave me advice for
pursuing my career. This game me an insight of joining the army and provided
personal advice which helped me choose a path.


Medicinal professions are one of the most challenging and
need a lot of skills. I know that I can overcome and solve the challenges that
arise and will be hardworking. My pursuit for perfection and to succeed in a
medical profession will help lives. I feel that all these things make me
stand out from the crowd and make me suitable for this course.