Engineering relevant information for critical from past project. And

Engineering world is moving in the fast pace compare to last
decade with more organized way of working and plaining. But world needs more
effort in the engineering R&D than regular task .one study shows the more than
30 % of engineering and R&D wasting their invaluable time to repeat the
exciting work or to find the relevant information for critical from past
project. And engineers are also finding it difficult to find required and
relevant information of the project/product. Since, it is not a structure
information. and in the study, shows that 40% of their engineering work is to
be searching for information to support or to create the new product. Sometimes
they are not find the required information. nowadays engineers are having
abundance of data to found required information. Because of this engineer are
find it difficult to put their knowledge in to more technology oriented
development of the product.    In fact, the date is abundant doesn’t make the engineers job
any easier. Because of their unstructured data (i.e., information that either
does not have a pre-defined data model and/or that isn’t organized in a
pre-defined manner) is growing at the rate of more than 60% per year. If it
continues, then in other five years the more the an 90 % of the date in digital
world is unstructured and volume of the date set to growth by 800% from the
current state. From this understanding, the world is moving from oil world
to data world. its very precise to have the date in the one place with more
accessible to everyone without repeating the everywhere, they are
moving in to the automating the process and for repeated minimize the
human intervention. The Engineers are not only focused to develop the product,
but they are the one with knowledge, information and responsible to create an
automated engineering world.  Automation brings the more efficient utilization of the
human intelligence. Nowadays, engineering world is moving from the big thinking
to bring small and smart product development. Repeating the work is thing of
past. No work should be repeated in any form. And engineering, automation is
equal to smart engineering, it brings the human intelligence to the automation.
regardless of the engineering tool. Lot of engineering competition, cost of the
product and time line of the product launch 
is very critical. In early days, the product existence in the market is
longer than the current market. In information and technology world, every day
requirement changes to make better and smarter. through smart engineering is to
bring all information in one place to arrive at a solution and reduce the time
taken to introduce the product to the market. World now sees the data is going
to the run the world as like oil runs the vehicle.  In Summary,  Companies are just to competing with exciting product line,
for spending their 70 % work to redesign and place the product in the market
just to survive instead of the developing the more advanced technology to get
the can only survive. Engineering bring the ideas to support the
lifestyle of the human living and safe guide them in the world. As engineers,
we should think we are the interface between the technology and human life.
This interface is helping to evolve human intelligence into artificial