EHR rate of 28% while adoption of both Electronic

EHR stands for Electronic Health Record. It is a
format for collecting health records of Patient and the other population in a country
by Digital Setup. The records were placed in a network to share the data throughout
the world. These records had a wide range of data that which includes medical
history, medication, laboratory test results, billing information, etc. The saving
ambulatory costs also reduced by these EHR records. The Medical associations
will do surveys on records in two ways, they are statewide and countrywide.

is a report from Office of National Coordinator (ONC) to Health information
technology (HIT). In the USA, most of the hospitals are based on Electronic
Health Records(EHR). There is a 71% response in the year of 2011.

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EHR adoption rates were gradually increased from 2012-2017 with a rate 40-67%.
Now, in the year of 2017, there is 67% rate of adoption. Among all the
physicians the pediatrics physicians will have a high percentage 76% of
adoption rate.

expenditure spending on health records per annual is approximately $3.5 trillion
by 2015. There is a high percentage of medical errors has occurred with the
cost of $20 billion per year.

states HER adoption rates have increased due to HITECH Act passed in 2009. The
non-federal care hospitals have a response rate of 60% only.

is an increasing rate of growth of 35% from 2011 -2014 in all hospitals in the USA.
The mobile technology had a rate 0f 30% when compared to other worlds.

agencies are very less adoption to compare with government agencies. Home
health and hospice care agencies have a response rate of 28% while adoption of
both Electronic Health Records and Mobile Technology.

is the highest rate of response on Electronic Health Records with 18% by giving
Home health when compared to other agencies.

functionalities used in Electronic Health Records are Clinical decision
systems, CPOE system, clinical notes, etc.

9% of agencies will be helped through EHR used functionalities among all the

adoption Electronic Health Records and Mobile Technology will be increased on
the impact of coordination and quality care in Home health and hospice care
agencies according to their researchers.