Education you grow, the more you learn, the more

Education is power and how it ties into I am Malala and He named me Malala    Education is power because if it was not no one would be the ruler of a country. It ties into I am Malala and the movie He named me Malala by how Malala used education to notice the problem in education. Without education, she would not be where she is now. If you are not educated you will be lost in life and only know what you were taught by your parents. Malala noticed that most girls didn’t know how to read or that there was such thing as a book. She took charge and made that possible she only made that possible because she was educated.    When Malala was in England she was having a tough time in school but she was still very powerful. One of her quotes that was ” One child, One teacher, One book, and one pen can change the world” this is just stating that if we can teach one child we can teach the whole world because education is powerful. How do you think that we, as people, got to the place that we are in right now? Magic? No, we had education and that is what Malala had. She used that education to teach the whole world about the problem of girls education. All though, not many people liked that she still fought. She fought because that is the way she was taught.     The more you grow, the more you learn, the more you mature. This is saying that the more you learn the more you mature. Also the more you learn the more you are aware of the world. This is what happened to Malala. Has she learned more she began to see that the world not that far to girls? She saw how they were being bet and married off before they were at age. She decided to do something about it. So she took her education and educated the world about how the girls that did not go to school go through.  When the world was educated she did not stop there she also helped those girls by giving them school supplies.    Education is power to girls because it is an opportunity that they would never have if it was not for Malala. Let’s say that you want to be a lawyer. How do you become a lawyer? Just out of luck? No, you have to have the education to be a lawyer. You to have an education in elementary- college for being a lawyer. Education is power because it helps people throughout the world. When you educate one child you can educate the world because when you educate that child,  that child can educate another child, the other child can educate another child.We as people are dependant on education. Education is what helps us through life. Education is what let us evolve from the stone age. All though education has been very challenging for every one it is very powerful.