During part of Science Exhibitions, site visits etc. Computers

During my schooling, I
remember my teacher telling me “Never stop learning because knowledge is the
only thing which stays with you always”. This line stuck in my mind and so I
am always eager to learn.

Ever since my childhood, I have had an
affinity towards science and technology. As a part of school science committee,
I always had a chance to be a part of Science Exhibitions, site visits etc. Computers
always fascinated everyone but what fascinated me more is the electronics
inside the computers, I always wanted to learn how computers and those circuit
boards worked.

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Since I was more into electronics I was able
to choose electronics instead of biology or computer science during my intermediate
studies. That’s where I learned little more about electronics and also
discovered something more exciting known as electricals. I was able to put in seven
hours of grueling study every day for two years with the aim of performing well
in the competitive exams. This assiduous labor bore fruit after I scored 93% in
my major – Electronics and 86% in overall giving me the opportunity to secure a
merit seat in Sir M. Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology, Bengaluru affiliated
to Visvesvaraya Technological University for my undergraduate studies and I
took Electrical and Electronics Engineering as my undergraduate course because
it covered all the electronics as well as electrical courses. I was introduced
to various electrical and electronics courses such as Analog Electronics, Power
Electronics, Digital signal processing, Field Theory, Control Systems, DC
Machines, Microcontrollers, Network Analysis Etc. Which gave me good
understandings and fundamentals of the subjects.

My major project was during my final year of
engineering, we were a team of four and our project was “New Improved
Interleaved Buck Converter with Low Switching Losses”. It’s a step-down
voltage converter with low switching losses and high step-down conversion rate
making it advantageous over a Conventional Buck Converter. The project was completed
both by software simulation and hardware representation. Using Arduino Uno, Optocouplers,
Transformers, Filters, Voltage Circuits Etc. for our project was very
stimulating and was also appreciated by many senior professors.

Being a team member of college cultural
committee, I was involved in many co-curricular activities such as drama, skit,
street plays that helped me hone my team building skills and contributed
towards solidifying my leadership abilities. I also lead the organizing team of
“ISIRI”, The cultural fest of my college which encouraged all the students from
different states to participate and learn more about the culture of my state.
Photography is also one of my biggest hobbies, Inter-College fests and
functions gave me opportunities to show my photography skills.

My final year project made me more inquisitive
about microcontrollers, So I joined an Electronics Corporation of India LTD
certified “Embedded System Design “course as soon as I completed my undergrad.
During my training, I learned deeply about assembly language and microcontrollers
like 8051, Arduino Uno, Cortex ARM M0/M3. With the use of protocols and
peripherals such as UART, I2C, MAX232, ADC, LCD/LED, RTC, EEPROM, Timers, DC
Motor, IR Sensor, RFID, Ultrasonic Sensor, Bluetooth Module I was able to do a number
of small projects writing my own embedded C codes.

Later I started working in Tata Consultancy
Services where I was put into an intense training in Infrastructure Services
with an emphasis on Networking. The course covered topics like – Networking
models, protocols, Algorithms, Devices, Topology, Concept of different Servers,
Concept of Networking Security, Implementation of a simple LAN and WAN, VOIP, Cisco
Unified Communication Manager, Cisco Unified CCX, Cisco Unity, Wireless Network
and its Security, Simple network troubleshooting, Network addresses. After
training I got a retail project as a Network Administrator where I got to
troubleshoot live networks and VoIP devices, in past two years of working as a network
administrator I gained more knowledge about networking and also network VoIP
which indeed increased my troubleshooting skills and learned how to respond to
different scenarios.

Now I stand in a place where I’m confident on
my fundamentals and my keen interest in
the stream, coupled with the fine educational background that I have gained,
give me the zeal to take up higher studies at your prestigious University. This
further schooling will prove instrumental in helping me meet my career objectives.
The courses and research options offered in the university such as Image
Processing & Multimedia, Microelectronics, Networks, Signal Processing will
really help me enhance my knowledge and experienced and talented faculties in
the department have inspired me more to get an admission in the McMaster University. Masters from the Electrical and Computer
engineering department would be the best thing that could happen to me as I
seek to achieve my goals. I request you to consider my application and help me
fulfill them. Overall, I feel this program would enable me to have a strong
understanding of all the core aspects of Electrical and Computer engineering,
and also let me take up projects in my fields of interest.