Divine any such difficult manufacturing business such as, high

Group Ltd has become to
implement the world well-known SAP ERP
system in one operation through a single project with fictitious deadline for
managing its total operations of the whole supply chain turnover textiles,
apparel businesses.

Group Ltd is the company to
achieve such a suitable in terms of implementing SAP for business units meant for different manufacturing processes
and fully different business cultures not only locally, also possibly globally.
Divine Group Ltd, a global value
Bangladeshi care is a leading export-oriented apparel manufacturer of the country.

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The core objective for selecting SAP as the answer for deciding the production
problems that involve any such difficult manufacturing business such as, high and
unplanned inventories, unavailability of the tight materials in the among of
operations resulting in total mess, high wastage. If they could reduce average
30% wastage, that would simply pay for the investment planned to be made for the
implementation of SAP.

They understood that the basic tool for
attaining global standard management skill is attaching the power of IT (Information Technology). In the
launching, they started using a couple of locally developed software for
automating some of the operational activities. By quick and fast growth of the
company, they understood the necessity of more powerful Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for streamlining all
activities of the organization.

Therefore, start were taken to implement SAP ERP solution world most widely used
business solution to move the company’s businesses.  SAP
delivers products and services to almost all types of industries in countries
for streamlining business activities in today’s challenging environment. 

The foundation software was earned during the
early part of the year 2008 and the German based SAP implementation Partner
Attune Consulting having expertise in apparel operational requirements was
engaged for the purpose of implementation of very complex solution through
tight designing of the measuring rod and linked parameterization to match with
the business needs. Attune consulting spread out a team of consultants from Sri
Lanka and India in the project. The project ran the total implementation over a
period of six and a half months.

Starting from the very beginning of Divine Group Ltd business value chain
operations, importation of raw cotton as per planned cycles all the ways
through spinning, knitting, dyeing and finishing, cutting, sewing, printing,
embroidery, washing, accessories and all other knitty-gritty of garments
manufacturing are now in detail managed by SAP’s
highly process-oriented and automated processes.

Keep it made to order or made to reserved,
total management of sales agreement in front of sales orders, bills of
materials, material requirements planning and their receipt along with very ensure
and timely availability, production planning, routing, cost center maintenance,
accounting including all kinds of productivity and profitability trial are
performed by the newly implemented solution SAP.

Group Ltd is one of the knit
garment industries in the country. Recently its manufacturing plants have more
than lines with a capacity of million pieces’ readymade garments per month. Under
the sunshade of Divine Group Ltd,
there are independent business units. Further, it has a knit attached unit,
dyeing, washing, cutting, sewing and finishing divisions. The top customers of Divine Group Ltd such as: Target Australia, Lindex, Carrefour, Calvin
Klein, Charles Vogele, Tchibo and a number of other global brands.

The object task of implementation of SAP in this huge plant with a wide
variety of business and production activities was given to a leading IT and business consultant of the
country. They moved a technical team of young talented professionals and
groomed them up to manage different view of the process. The team was made by expanding
a number of professionals from different departments of the organization and by
recruiting from external sources.

A capable SAP server system the largest of its kind in Bangladesh having
storage capacity has been installed in the newly developed state-of industry
data center. The total network infrastructures have been developed based on the
very well-designed function-oriented all cisco central VLANs (Virtual Local Area Network) and implementation of high end a
very thick wall that keeps fire from spreading and active directory domain services.
Method, improvement, simplification or even re-engineering have been the key
challenge in the project. They fully willingly accepted the challenge and have already
started receiving the pay-offs and bottom-line benefits. In every view of the
implementation method, they instilled a process of beginning the steps,
following them up and attaining the targeted goals and it all happened with or
without belch. 

The entire core modules of SAP, namely, Sales & Distribution, Production Planning, Materials Management and
Finance and Control were implemented in one effort. Core implementation
teams carried out the implementation methodologies as considered by SAP, requirement impressment, retailing
the solution to set with business needs, gap analysis and designing the work around
methods, User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
both modular and compact and most tiring data impressment including the weaken
your hands learning exercises. 

For the purpose of data solidarity, the team
had to deal with huge amount of raw data, which include hardcopy papers, spreadsheets,
word documents, SQL (Structured Query
Language) server databases, access databases. All members of the team
including a large group of end users worked very hard and to complete this huge
task in the specified target time. Finally, functions of all modules were
combined into sequential processes which covered all activities starting from sales
contracts to billing activities such as LC
(Letter of Credit) opening, production planning, receipt, manufacturing,
production of all accessories, billing and payment formalities are driven in
this end to end process without any overlapping of the concerned functions.

With the successful implementation of SAP, Divine Group Ltd has reached a significant milestone. The company
expects that the present turnover will become double after years.

The process is supposed to continue even
further and if all goes well in the next 10 years. Divine Group Ltd will come out as a billion-dollar global Textile and Apparel Industry with a
strong possibility of making a history in the RMG sector of the country. It is actually a great achievement
towards Digital Bangladesh.

Garments Ltd
establishing close fellowship with SAP
drive support. When textile manufacturer Ali
Garments Ltd needed to center and standardize real time data and business
processes across its independent business units, it selects the SAP ERP application. SAP splurge support services, provided
by the SAP active global support
organization, and helped Ali Garments
Ltd meet its goals.

When they are a manufacturing company with products
and processes as different as Ali
Garments Ltd, they need an ERP
system that supports multiple style of manufacturing and do not bank them in. Moreover,
when many of their customers could quickly become their competitors were it not
for their fast turnaround and quality service, they need a system that improve
rather than impede their unique market differentiation.

That’s why Ali Garments Ltd, which manufactures spinning, knitting, dyeing and
finishing, cutting, sewing, printing, embroidery, washing, accessories and all
other knitty-gritty of garments manufacturing for its ERP system. With dramatic reductions in inventory, quoting time,
and the time it takes to move customer orders into production, the company
knows it made the right choice.

They just implemented SAP ERP software over all their business units. With the
functionality, they expect to attain ultimate ability in all aspects of their
operations, increase productivity, and reduce wastage. Their core objective is
to establish their soul in the global high-end part and expect SAP drive support will resolve their
business on the way there and beyond.

The main factors are selecting in SAP ERP system close help and continued
desire with SAP, best practice
implementation methodology, protection of mission tight operations attached
with fast and predictable resolution of major project issues, enablement of
integrated and standardized solution operations. The main objectives are for
the ERP project such as implement SAP ERP and the SAP apparel application with minimal break to business, and
establish guaranteed service level agreements.

The challenges and opportunities are to implementing ERP systems such as implement the SAP ERP application to
harmonize real time data and business processes across various independent
business units and divisions, achieve operational excellence, and ensure transparency,
enhance productivity, and reduce wastage.

There are some benefits to implementing SAP ERP systems such as high level of
confidence in IT organization,
maximum value from investment in SAP
solutions, continuous quality checks to help ensure smooth implementation and
following operations, and quick issue resolution with service level agreements
for mission-critical situations.

They have reduced average recovering time
from 3 days and can move a customer order from phone to shop floor in less than
minutes. They see a 40% reduction in inventory and a 10% increase in on-time

Garments Ltd purpose
of installed SAP ERP system such as
implemented business best practices of the apparel industry through process
reengineering and improvements, and developed strategy to monitor and mitigate
risks. SAP Solutions and Services
are such as: SAP ERP, SAP Apparel and Footwear, SAP
Enterprise Support Services,
delivered by the SAP active global
support organization.

The barriers to implementing ERP systems such as provide a
centralized manufacturing and financial system across geographically radiated
plants, implement a paperless shop floor manufacturing system, allow mixed mode
manufacturing and a wide range of processes and products with a single system,
support a standardized work flow system.