Did memorization and self-realization by meditation. As you can

Did you know that there is
something that improves you in every period of your life without so much
effort? Regulating the emotions, staying strong, being positive, creative is
not easy to be every day. In addition, some people have problems of focusing,
being anxious, memory etc. However, meditation helps people to solve these
problems. Meditation has some effects on people. Meditation has some
psychological effects on people; on the other hand, meditation also has physical
effects on people.

Although many people don’t
believe the positive effects of meditation, it has so many psychological
effects on human. Firstly, meditation helps us to relax, strengthen abilities to regulate emotions, reduce
anxiety, and stress. According to Schneider (2014), Research on meditation has
shown a wide range of psychological benefits. For example, a 2012 review of 163
studies that was published by the American Psychological Association concluded
that Transcendental Meditation had relatively strong effects in reducing
anxiety, negative emotions, trait anxiety and neuroticism while aiding
learning, memory and self-realization. Mindfulness meditation had relatively
strong effects in reducing negative personality traits and stress and in improving
attention and mindfulness (par. 3). In other words, you can reduce anxiety,
negative thoughts, neuroticism while improving your learning, memorization and
self-realization by meditation. As you can
see, meditation helps us to live our lives better. In addition to living
better, thanks to meditation,
people can live more efficient because their ability to see the world is
changing. Another important effect of meditation is Creativity. Meditation
helps us to improve our Creativity. Seppala (2015) explains that if we are more
meditative and relax, we come up with our greatest insights and biggest
breakthroughs. Also, it is called “eureka” moments. It encourages different
thinking. That is to say, when we are in “eureka”
moments, we are more creative, productive and original. We can solve problems
easily through meditation. In addition, creativity can help us in every period
of life to be successful. Thus, meditation is a good helper for us.

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Another one is
that meditation has a number of physical effects. Meditation affects us
physically like reducing blood pressure, reducing the heart attacks etc.
Schneider (2014) explains that Transcendental Meditation reduce blood pressure
and increase insulin resistance which is useful for preventing diabetes. Moreover,
it slows biological aging and it even reduce the heart attack, stroke and death
for 48 percent. For instance, if you have any friend or relative who
has diabetes, you can recommend her/him to meditate because it increase insulin
resistance which is useful for diabetes. In addition, heart attack is one of
the most common death reason
among adults; therefore, they can avoid or reduce this risk with meditation. Other
physical effect of meditation is that meditation helps us to get rid of
Obesity.     Dobson (2011) says that
according to the research at Oregon Research Institute obese people had
important decrease in weight, binge eating, depression and stress. Also,
researchers say that this examination has an important evidence that
eating-centered, care based meditation result in important changes in weight,
eating behavior and psychological distress.     
That means that people can lose weight with meditation. Obesity is a
common problem in many countries. They use a lot of techniques in order to solve
this problem and now they have one reliable and provable technique now. Moreover, it is argued that obesity
cause a lot of diseases like heart diseases, diabetes and cancer risk.
Therefore, people can get rid of a lot of diseases if they get rid of obesity.

To conclude,
meditation has lots of both psychological and physical effects on people. They
can face lots of psychological or physical problems in their life, but they are
not unsolvable. By learning quick meditation techniques, they can overcome lots
of problems. In other words, the more meditation, the less problem. In
addition, people can reduce heart attacks, focus their works better, be more
creative. Even more, they can get rid of obesity by meditation. Therefore, we
should believe the positive effects of meditation and try it in order to live