Deportation and problem which I tend to discuss during

Deportation and extradition
have been one of the long-standing issues in international law. After proposing
new human rights’ issues in the development of international law and human role
in international relations, sometimes the question of deportation and
extradition is in conflict with European human rights concept.

Moreover, this aforesaid issue
has always been among the most essential political and legal agendas, as well as
for the previous weeks when we saw how our third president of Georgia was
arrested the topic of extradition has again cropped up across the international
and local society.

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Considering the fact that I am
restricted by the brief annotation of my presentation here, it would be better
to write more about the main concept of presentation and problem which I tend
to discuss during the review of my upcoming presentation.

After the adoption of the
European Convention on Human Rights, which guarantees the preservation and
protection of human rights in the European Communities, some criminals who
escaped to European countries, despite the extradition treaties, in some cases
due to the prohibition of some penalties which the Convention knows them abuses
of human rights, request the European Court of Human Rights to stop the
extradition and deportation them to their country of origin where there is a
risk of such penalties to them.1

The scope of this
above-mentioned issue covers some essential topics and questions under the
concept of extradition, deportation /expulsion and human rights, for instance
firstly there should be  determined the
relationship between human rights and extradition/deportation.

1.      The link between human rights and

Human rights issues
occasionally pop up as additional grounds for refusal of extradition requests,
most notably in terrorist-cases. Those grounds are additional because they are
not always connect to the traditional grounds of refusal.

Extradition and Human Rights Diplomatic assurances and Human Rights in the
Extradition Context,  Johannes Silvis,