Depending Item status for each part checked. In the

Depending on the claim scenario these need to be created with or without reference to ECC delivery or billing documentsUsed for all Claim types except general inquiries.  Workflow or approval flow to set header status automatically.Create item processing codes and item processing determination Create web service with all possible C4C fields that need to be entered as input for the ERP document creation. Collect C4C data for each claim scenario and prepare the web service request call. Map details for each claim scenario from C4C to ECC Enhance ECC Order Create Function Module to create the ERP documents and input C4C dataRemove billing block Assumption is that the existing ECC order types YCMR, YDMR, YRE and YSMF can be used. Auto Create Delivery After an YRE order is created it should automatically create the inbound delivery documentUsed in Quality Claims, Over ship with return, Client’s Stock cleaning N/A N/A Trigger VL01N Function Module at saving the YRE return order SLA warranty Discount Set up Service contract and calculate YTD claimed value and compare with max value on contractOnly for Warranty Claims Service Contract to identify the existence of the SLA warranty discount Calculation of the YTD claimed value and compare with max value on contract. N/A N/A Max value will be added to contract at the beginning of the year? SLA entries Ability to upload the data into the SLA (by the admin). Usually these are updated once a year and are therefore big uploads for hundreds of accounts. The business will get the data in the upload format. The warranty discount %, the annual return (% of bought or fixed amount) Check material Status check if product is not obsolete or superseded (Material status in ERP) and update Item status for each part checked.  In the portal it should warn the customer that the entered material is not valid. Validation after modify event. In Portal and C4C N/A N/A Products in C4C just have status active or not active.  Need to check if that will work, else PI mapping and ABAP work is needed to retrieve the statusApproval email for non C4C users Approvers that do not have access to C4C need to get an email from where they can reject or approve a claim directly from the email, without logging into CRM.Currently only for warranty and Quality Claims processes Email template and approval workflow. Custom action to send email and standard ticket summary form.  And create a service to receive and apply the reply from the approver so the status changes. N/A N/A Extract of all weekly over and short shipment tickets Extract of all weekly tickets that need to be physically checked in the warehouse:Used for Over Shipments and Short Shipments Create ticket report at line item level Add custom fields to Report field catalogCreate report/extract at line item level N/A N/A Attach Existing ERP Billing PDF to outgoing email Automatic Claim acceptance email with existing ERP Billing PDF document after Billing document creation. NOT SUPPORTED BY C4C FRAMEWORK (Confirmed by SAP)Instead we will create an Action to grab PDF from ERP Billing doc and attach on ticket Mapping the synchronous web service Service provider to generate and retrieve the PDF Customer Service will have to select the acceptance email template and manually attach the ERP Billing Note PDF, or keep the current procedure that it is sent from ERP directly after creation of the billing documentUpload Item status from CPI Caliper Returns: Upload of Item status from CPI File Extend upload template with ticket item status N/A N/A Admin will need to upload the file on a weekly basisReplicate Customer Group 2,3 and 4 to C4C account.  Customer groups from ECC Customer Masters need to be replicated to the C4C accounts. These Customer group fields are not standard in the account iflow Fields need to be added in C4C iflow needs to be extended and fields mapped 5.3. Proposed set up and configuration tasksTitle Description Configuration CommentsAdministrator set up To be able to proceed with all other administrator tasks, you must first create one or more administrators from your initial user.When you first receive your SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer, you must use the initial user to create a service agent. You will then use this service agent as an administrator to create other administrators and proceed with the rest of the system setup and configuration activities. Set up administrator company to determine who in the organization will get the administrator role.Scoping Scoping is the process of matching your individual business requirements to predefined solution capabilities using the business adaptation catalog. The catalog structures all available capabilities for the solution into a hierarchy of business areas, packages, topics, and options. Go through the scoping questions Activity List Once you have finished preparing an implementation project, you can begin to work with the Activity List for the project. The list is automatically generated by the system based on your scoping decisions and the activities are grouped by phases. It includes all mandatory implementation and project management activities that you need to complete before your solution can go live. Review and execute activities for each phase Job Definitions A job is a textual description of the duties of an employee as you would find it in the employment contract. The job consists of an ID and a name. It also has an expiry date, which initially is set to unlimited, but can be set to a specific date if a job should no longer be used.  Job Definition is used to define the title of employee; this does not have any role in authorization. It is mainly to capture the real life title of an employee. you can either enter job definitions manually or import them using the migration tool. The following company job definitions are identified:A1 Quality OperatorA2 Quality ManagerA3 Customer Service DirectorA4 Product DirectorA5 Local ControllerA6 Central ControllerA7 Finance DirectorA11 TSTW ManagerA12 Warranty ManagerA21 Customer Service RepA22 Customer Service ManagerA31 Warehouse OperatorA32 Warehouse Manager Employee data C4C requires the setup of Employee data. You can create employee data either by entering employee data manually (entering one employee after another), or by using the migration tool to import a large number of employees at the same time.Employees will be created by Admins and assigned to job Functions. Employees are also assigned in the Organization Structure. The list of employees to be uploaded needs to be finalized during the Realize phase. New employee addition process needs to be discussed in business. Business Users The Business Users view allows you to manage users and assign access rights. Business Users are automatically created for each employee and has the login, password and business role assignment.  Once you have created employees, you must edit their business user attributes and access rights.