Dear of Huck Finn. In my personal opinion it

Dear Mrs. Degutis,This past week we read chapters 16-23 of Huck Finn. In my personal opinion it was pretty action packed compared to chapters 1-15. This section was the most interesting part of the book, because it dealt with internal issues and death, and it showed how much Huck and Jim have bonded since they first met. By the time that both Huck and Jim think they had made it to Cairo, it is clear that there is an internal struggle within Huck whether to keep Jim or sell him for money. It upsets Huck that he thinks this way too. But he decides to keep Jim around when Jim said that Huck was his only true friend.Also, I really liked our discussion on the book we had Monday. It was really nice to hear that I wasn’t the only one kind of disappointed with the book. I was disappointed because this book is supposedly one of the best books of all times but to me it isn’t that interesting. I feel like there is way too much detail in this book and sometimes I get confused due to the wording. I do find some things very interesting, like their traditions and just how different time and laws were back then. I find the bread with mercury in it a very interesting superstition, even though it seems kind of unrealistic since Huck ate the bread and even though he didn’t eat the part with mercury in it, he probably still consumed some of it, which should have made him really sick or dead. Also I find the laws back then really interesting, yet really sad, because Pap abused Huck and everyone in the whole town knew about it yet no one seemed to try to help Huck, only Miss Watson and the Widow. It also claimed in the book that Pap went to jail almost every night, why didn’t they just leave him in jail when they knew that he was just going to come back the next night anyways. It really shows just how leniate the laws were back then. When Huck ‘died’ most people just stopped looking for him. It’s sad to say that most people really only care about themselves. But even though I have a lot of negative things to say about this book, I really love the friendship between Huck and Jim. It’s really cute to see them bond, and it goes to show that people, no matter what race, religion, or gender can be going through the exact same thing as someone else that is completely different from themself. Overall I really like the book, if I didn’t have to read in school I think I still would have read it because Twain does a great job at describing the circumstances of the books time period. I love how he gives Jim an accent and I love how he describes traditions and beliefs unknown to the kids of our modern society. I love when Jim describes snakeskin and its bad luck or that a hairy chest means the person will become rich. This book really emphasizes the life of an average person a century ago, it is almost like a history book.