Dear CJ is a very persistent and motivated individual

Dear Scholarship Selection Committee,I am writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of CJ Akins, who is applying for the Hospitality Minnesota Education Foundation Scholarship. I am honored to have the privilege to write this letter on behalf of CJ because I have been able to witness her in various roles over the course of the last four years. During this time, I have been able to get to know CJ quite well and can vouch for her character, work ethic, and the exceptional execution of the quality of her work. CJ exhibits countless traits of hospitality. CJ values the core principles of hospitality by being intentional, thorough, embracing, organized, and deliberate in her words and her actions. CJ is a pleasure to work with because of her pleasant and positive attitude. She has a number of strengths to offer, and quite often she does, by helping others. CJ volunteers in her community and is actively involved in several endeavors that allow her to be able to pay it forward by giving of herself, her time, and her talents. In addition to being a team player CJ is always willing to step up as a leader.I work in an architecture firm and have been a part of the construction industry for several years so I have had the opportunity to see how the hospitality industry has evolved. I can say that without a doubt that it takes someone with CJ’s caliber, grace, poise, and elegance to be able to marry the construction industry and the hospitality industry together in order to achieve the greatest possible outcome.CJ exemplifies the definition of what it truly means to be hospitable.The hospitality industry will be greater because of individuals like CJ, who are ambassadors for the industry, which I believe will ultimately raise the bar for other hospitality professionals. CJ is a very persistent and motivated individual that eagerly takes on new tasks and challenges that allow her to be able to employ her problem solving skills until she reaches a suitable outcome. In fact, CJ has embraced the motto to view challenges as opportunities. Her level of persistence and motivation is admirable.In conclusion, I highly recommend CJ for this scholarship. If you need any additional information, feel free to contact me anytime,