Dear CERN lab committee: I am writing this recommendation

Dear CERN lab committee:

I am writing this recommendation letter at the appeal of Aser Abdelfatah, who has an application for the CERN school summer camp Program this summer.

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I have taught Aser for two years in my career as a teacher at Akhenaton school when he was at 8th grade and 9th grade, I have taught Aser chemistry and he had extraordinary grades in this subject. Based on Aser’s marks in quizzes and exams, performance inside the class, attendance, and class participation, I’d describe Aser’s academic performance in my class as impressive and extraordinary, he was one of my best students that I have ever taught, if he is not the best, he will still be a remarkable student, his intelligence, politeness, his interest in learning and research impressed me, his teachers, principals and his mates.

Aser has many skills, abilities and strengths to offer a super student. Aser is always interested in getting the best decisions, taking part in student activities and collaborate with his mates in the group, help others even if they aren’t in his group, for example, last year when we worked on decorating our class and the chemistry lab he was the first one to attend to begin the decoration, although he was only responsible for collecting the money and buying the required tools and accessories and bring them  he participated more than any of his mates in working with the tools and accessories as he was the first one to attend and the last one to leave.

Aser was an astonishing student regarding performing his tasks, his interest in research and his grades in the exams and quizzes, Aser always performed his tasks before the deadline, he always did more research than required to expand his already enormous knowledge in almost all fields regarding science, history, geography and sports, he always surprised me with his marks in exams and quizzes such as he got full marks in more than 90% of them and he never got less than 95% in any exam or quiz.

At last, I would indeed recommend Aser Abdelfatah. If his extraordinary and impressive performance in my class or even outside class in student activities and dealing with his friends and his politeness is any sign of how he would perform in the summer camp, Aser will be a positive superlative supplement to your summer camp.

If you need any more information or further talk, you can feel free to contact me at +02 01121000781 or by email at anytime.

Yours respectfully,

Basel chemistry Teacher,

Akhenaton School