David be grateful which are, stop, look and go.

David Steindl-Rast talks about the difference between happiness and grateful. He states people often confuse about how they are grateful because they are happy, when in Steindl- Rast’s opinion people should be happy because it’s the gratefulness that makes them happy. He then starts to talk about how gratefulness works. He explains it by stating that we experience something so valuable that it is like a gift. This gift to us comes in the form of moment, and that we have to be grateful for every moment we get. But then he suggests not to only experiences in this gratefulness but also try to understand. We can not get any moments back because only opportunities come once in a lifetime, but we get so many free moments so missing one should not be something to cry over. Because people tend to either ignore some important moments or take some moments seriously. This is the only way to make people happy. I do agree with him because there are moments l took serious used them better than others where I got some good opportunities like increasing my grades or watching some movies and it would let me be happy.But Steindl-Rust also states that people cannot be grateful for everything which includes violence or fighting, someone’s death. In other words, he wants people to be grateful for moments they have. He gives an example of how when someone is confronted with a bad situation he will be given moments to make his situation better. I do agree with him because when I am in trouble for not turning home works, my teachers give me so extra time to turn in my homework. The are the given moments I am grateful for.In the end he comes up with a simple method incase anyone wants to know how to be grateful. He only uses three words to be grateful which are, stop, look and go.  He suggests we should stop think about the stuff we use everyday basis that people on third world countries can not use. We need to look to the stuff that are given to us and enjoy them, that is how we get the opportunities to go give back something to the world. According to Steindl-Rust people are becoming more aware nowadays of being grateful, but I disagree with him on that because there are still war and racism going on other countries around the world, so in my opinion when the world with exist with on violence at all and also racism, that is when people will learn to be grateful and respectful.