Customer as below: 1. Cordial and friendly responses Customers

Customer service is the key to success in today’s
corporate world. Therefore, it is important for an organizations to focus more
on customer service than ever before.



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A customer can be considered as a person or an
organization which buys goods or services manufactures or offered by the
particular company. Most important work of all the organization is that
attracting and retain a good customer base. To attract and retain a good
customer base, organization should offer a better customer service than its


Customer Service


Customer service can be defined as identifying
customers’ needs and wants, satisfy them by offering a good quality and a
cordial service prior to customer accept the company product or service, while
the customer is consuming it and after the consumption.



Customers need company products to
satisfy their basic requirements. As an example, if customer goes to a hotel, the
basic or the core requirement of the customer is accommodation. They expect a
value for their money from the service or product.


After sales service is very
important for customers since it guarantees the value for their money,


Anyway, any of above mentioned facts
will not create loyal customers and will not recommend company products to others.
They are just minimum requirements of a good customer service.

To create a loyal customer, company
should satisfy the other requirements of customers in terms of customer service
as well. Those requirements can be identified as below:


1.      Cordial and friendly responses

need employees to be nice to them. Whenever a customer interacts with employees
in the organization, employees should offer a friendly and cordial service.


Feeling special

Customers would like to feel
special. If a customer is feeling special while experiencing the customer
service, he/she tends to be loyal for the organization.


3.      Customers want organization to listen

If the
organization welcomes customers’ suggestions and feedbacks, customers will come
next time to deal with the organization and recommend the service someone
he/she knows.


customers’ name

This is very important in the
process of creating loyal customer. If employees in the organization call the
customers from names, customers feel more comfortable to deal with particular
employees. As a result, tendency of customer coming again to the organization
becomes higher.



Customers love to hear the word
“Can” rather than “No” or “Can’t”. Hence, organizations have to be as much
flexible as possible when dealing with customers.



Customer Service Culture


Each and every employee in an
organization should focus on offering a better customer service to its
customers in a customer service culture. All should contribute to offer a good
customers service irrespective of their fields and roles. Management should arrange
necessary facilities for employees to make their services better by introducing
new technologies. Employees should be motivated to have such attitudes towards
customers and that attitude among employees cannot be created over night. It takes
time, efforts and resources.


It consists with set of values,
norms and actions which are shared with all employees and the consistency is
really important in this culture.


Creating a customer service


When creating a customer service culture in an organization,
there are certain actions have to be taken as below:


1. When recruiting new people on board to the organization,
management should select applicants who have attitudes and personalities in
line with the requirements of organizational culture.

2. Selected employees should be trained and developed to be
more customer oriented as demand from the organizational culture.

3. All employees should be educated about company goals and
vision, and should be motivated regularly for achieving them through customer

4. Organization should allow employees to experiment and
improve the level of customer service in the organization in a way that does
not impact negatively on the organizational success. Those experiment should be
solely to build a better customer relationship.

5. Management should create a leaning environment in the
organization. It will reduce the number of mistakes which are done by employees
and promote good techniques which can be used for providing a better customer
service among employees.


of customer service culture

Better communication

In customer service culture, all employees should be
aware of the decision taken by higher management and higher management should
know what lower level employees do to implement the decision. To share that
awareness, there should be good communication channel. Accordingly,
communication level of a company which practices customer service culture is
much better than other cultures.

Ex: If the higher management of the company has
decided to give priority services to certain kind of customers, lower level
employees should be communicated about it then and there.

Better organization within the company

When employees are given
training regarding all basic duties in the organization so that they can
provide a good customer service, skills level of them and personalities become
greater. Then it creates a good organized environment to practice a customer
service culture even more effectively.

Greater employee motivation

When the skills level of employees
is higher and the difficulties which employees face during they fulfil assigned
duties and responsibilities is lower, motivation level of employees go up. Then
as a result, they tend to retain in the company for a long time while providing
a good customer service and educating new employees by using their experience
and skills. It benefits the company straight away.

Greater profits and reduced costs

When all level of employees
are dedicated to provide a better customer service, the level of customer service
become greater. Greater customer satisfaction attracts and retains customers in
the organization. And then the profits go up. Not only customers retain in the
organization but also employees. That reduce the cost of training new employees
and recruitment cost in the organization.