Criterion the kinds of foods I will need to

Criterion AInvestigatingGlobal Context – I have chosen “Identities and Relationships” because it will relate to the individual development in certain areas and how I grow as a player both mentally, physically and socially during my project.i) Define a goal based on personal interests.Some of my personal interests include cubing, playing video games and even playing sports like football and basketball. At first, I wanted to write a book because that was the first thing that came to my mind but later, I changed it to my personal development as a soccer player. I changed my project because writing books really wasn’t my passion, Soccer was. After a lot of thought, I decided that I would consider football because that is what I am most interested in. I want to focus on football because I love the sport and I really want to become a better player. There are a few things that I need to improve on like my Speed, Stamina, Accuracy and dietary influence for growth. These are a few qualities that can completely change a player both on and off the pitch. I chose speed because there are moments during a match where you need to be faster than the other player for both offense and defense. Stamina because a player needs to know when that sudden burst of speed is required to win the ball at your 100 percent. Increasing my stamina is my main goal in this project. Something that was very important throughout my project was my growth. I noticed that I was a little shorter and weaker than many players that I was up against. I knew I had to change that and that is when I thought about my food intake and the kinds of foods I will need to be eating to compete with other athletes. At the beginning, I was a very picky eater and most of the times, I would end up eating the wrong things(Junk). I also noticed that eating before a match helps you play your game better.ii) Identify prior learning and subject-specific knowledge. Since all of my project is about something that I am very familiar with and something that I am very interested in, there are many kinds of information that I have learnt prior to this project and that can help me throughout my project. I had some prior knowledge related to the kinds of training and drills required to build my speed and stamina. The kinds of information that I require related to my food intake, the kinds of food required for me to eat was another developed process with the help of my Nutritionist. I could also use some professional help from websites and my coaches to find out exactly what I need to do so that I can know how to improve on very basic things that help in the long run.  iii) Demonstrate research skills. After looking at some websites searching for different kinds of drills related to my project, I felt that these websites offered the best possible information for the different areas of improvement related to my project. (Speed) (Stamina and nutrition) (Accuracy)These websites have a lot of information that is useful to me as it helps me understand what I need to do to improve in these different areas. Criterion B Planningi) Develop a proposal of action/criteria.For my personal project, I was concerned about a few things that I wanted to develop and improve on. They were Speed, Stamina, Accuracy and Dietary Influence.ii) Plan and record the Development process. My development process has been recorded through some videos and observations. I bought and borrowed all the equipment that I needed for my project. Everything that has been recorded will be in my process Journal which is on a document. There are dates for each entry and detailed explanations of my experiences of that day. iii) Demonstrate self-management skills. In my project, self-management played a very important role and helped me in a lot of ways. Since I was not asking people for as much help in the start, I would always procrastinate and leave work for the last minute. As time passed, I knew that I couldn’t afford to lose so much time because this isn’t something that someone can do at the last minute. In my case, I would get distracted very often and easily. This unfortunately led me to waste a lot of time without any notice. A few weeks close to the first week of December, I knew that I had to stop wasting time and start working on my project. This opened up a lot of time to re-check my work and gain feedback from my mentor and teacher.  Both my Self-management and Time management skills have improved during my project as I gradually started to do my work on time and not get distracted that often. A food plan was developed with the help of my Nutritionist. This was mainly focused on proteins and carbohydrates so that I have more energy and stamina during my matches and for growth. I made this plan to make sure that I get a lot of protein which would build lean muscle mass that would allow me to recover faster after training and matches. Criterion C Taking Actioni) Create product/outcome in response to the goal, context and criteria. While doing my project, I figured that I would be needing a few things so I could even train at home. I made a list of all the kinds of equipment. My coach and my mother helped me make a list of all the things that I would be needing while training. I went to Decathlon to buy a football, 5 cones and 7 markers to help me during my self practice sessions. After I bought all of this, I immediately started training both at home, school and with my team. The final outcome must be different as compared to the starting observations. I should be able to last longer on the pitch, must be faster, have better accuracy and there has to be some change in physique. By the end of this project, there should be a definite difference in the way a play. I will be taking tests for evidence.ii) Demonstrate Thinking skills. There were many things that I was unclear about when I had started this project. I was not sure as to how I must start the project. I have training 4 days a week which is a total of 6 hours every week. I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to use my training as a part of my development and as a part of my process journal. I would get tensed because I was not sure if I was going to be able to finish my project and submit it by the given deadline. The moment I got confirmation that I was allowed to use my training sessions as a part of my journal and report, I used them to explain each exercise that I did during that session. As I slowly worked towards my project, my style of thinking changed, which eventually allowed me to rather think outside the box and look at something with different perspectives. I worked harder and harder each day, the project and final goal no longer felt impossible. My project has helped me look at things differently, not only for the project but for almost everything now. During this project, I learned that there are always different ways to look at and do things.iii) Demonstrate communication and social skills.This project taught me to be more open and that I need to take the initiative to go out of my comfort zone and do some research and ask questions. I had a few doubts during my learning and that forced me to go and get them cleared instead of just procrastinating. In terms of social skills, I knew that I had to go out and talk to a few people like my coach, mentor and friends about my project. After I talked to these people, I started noticing that not only am I opening up to a few people, I was even doing the same with others. These skills helped me in completing my project much faster than expected.Criterion D – Reflectingi) Reflect on their development of ATL’s as an IB learner.After a long period of Reflection, I noticed that I had developed every ATL skill during my project. I improved my Risk-Taking skills as I went out of my comfort zone regarding qualities like being social. I even took the risk of eating healthy food which was very hard at the start. This helped me during my matches and training as I wasn’t intimidated by any of the bigger players and was able to be more aggressive to make sure that I get the ball. I researched about the different ways to do different skills and exercises. I got lots of information from primary sources like my coaches. In terms of self-management, I have learnt how to balance both football and studies even though I would come back late at night after training. It was not easy at first, but I knew I had to find a way to give my 100 percent to both. ii) Reflect on knowledge and understanding.There were so many new things that I had learned during my project. I learned that there were so many new drills that I can do to improve in the places I lack. I found out that Time-management plays a very important role in the whole process of completing my project.