Corporate their workman. During year 2016, Genting Malaysia had

 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a strategy importance to sustainability of a business since this concept has aroused those businessmen to conscious of what consequence of their business brought to society and environment (Financial Times, 2017). Development of Genting Group Malaysia has been embedding the value of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability by launching Sustainability Report annually from year 2007 until now as a proof where included various pieces like workplace, environment, marketplace and community.In accordance with the study, Genting Malaysia regards their employees as most important asset (Genting Plantations, 2017). Occupational safety is one of the workplace culture to improve employee’s productivity, so Genting Group executed internal investigation to identify the high-risk area of accident among diverse position in the company and the statistic of worker safety data that included total number of accident (Appendix 5.1). With the objective to lessen the occurrence of common accidents, they introduce some equipment to prevent accident and safety awareness training are offered to their workman. During year 2016, Genting Malaysia had assigned a part of their cost into the field of workman development and training. They provided many in house training programmes for their worker to select their needs such as English Language class for their front liners and external course like Master of Business Administration (MBA) is offer to managerial level employee which scholarship has been included.  They value employee’s feedback via Tea Talk sessions between workers and senior management or top management to make a better workplace. With the goal to create a belongingness place to work, Genting Group planned with huge value to invest in hoist staff facilities in year 2017. They believe that through the way of enhancing workman’s quality of life as managing workman wellness like free medical services, gym facilities in residential staff complexes and many sessions of worker wellness programme such as weekly fitness classes which conducted may result employee to represent themselves better as offer outstanding customer service.  Operations of the business are located at Genting Highland with biodiverse environment. Thence, Genting Group holds a role to preserve the rich nature heritage and sustain biodiversity by setting goals. To conserve the bio, tree planting activities had conducted within Resorts World Genting and almost 5000 trees planted. Achievement in year 2016 are including conservation of species listed on International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List and 130 million years old virgin rainforest with area protected of high biodiversity value at Resorts World Genting. Genting Highland own the status of “Important Bird Area” which bestowed by BirdLife International. For the subject of influence people comprehend the environmental biodiversity and the importance, they created the English garden that located at the hilltop of Resorts World Genting where comprise of three different types of rainforests (Appendix 5.2). In additional, they integrate unique garden-by-the-sky concept into the interior design of the e18hteen Restaurant at Crockfords Hotel by features vertical and hanging plants with natural lighting (Appendix 5.3). Environmental performance of Genting Malaysia is pertaining to United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (UN SDG) along with the mission to protect the planet (Sustainable Development Goals, 2017).  Objectives of recycle more than 10% of total waste generated and generate less than 1 kg per person of waste daily are accomplished in year 2016 since they placed a lot of emphasis on Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (3R) initiatives to manage waste. Genting Group conspire with certified waste management vendors to sort their waste to segregate hazardous waste and collect recyclable waste. Besides, their effluents will only discharge after treating at their in-house sewage treatment plant and met Standard A Discharge Limits of the Environmental Quality (Sewage) Regulations 2009 consistently under spot checks by Malaysia Department of Environment (Genting Malaysia Berhad, 2017). Genting Malaysia deemed themselves as a member of community. (Genting Malaysia Berhad, 2017) Overall of the report above, Genting Group has practice the Responsibility of Philanthropic as this organization is not just a profit purpose body as well as they focus beyond short-term financial performance and longer-term success which may makes their business and society closer. Genting Malaysia had created shared value through the modus of treating social problems as their business objectives.