Committee: opportunities as their male counterpart, iii. Placing more

General Assembly 5

Inclusion of Women in Peacekeeping Operations

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Fully aware that
the percentage of women in UN field missions vary from 15 and 25 % since 2011,


Further recalling that in
the summer of 2014, six women ambassadors served on the UN Security Council,
putting women’s representation at an unprecedented 40 %, 


Observing that only
13 % of news coverage on peace and security related themes included women as
the subject. Only 4 % of the stories portrayed women as leaders in conflict and
post-conflict countries, and only 2 % highlighted gender equality issues,


Concerned that women
are only 3 % of UN military peacekeepers,


Noting with approval
that in 2015 alone, the world spent an estimated US $34 billion on UN
peacekeeping and humanitarian aid for victims of conflict and refugees,



1.      Calls
Upon an alternate solution that prevents violent extremism could be facilitated
through the fostering of women as a critical force for sustainable peace by;


2.      Further Recommends countries to understand that women can help in
peacekeeping operations by methods as but not limited to;

aiding civilians
affected by the conflict,

aiding survivors of
sexual violence and rape,

demobilized female soldiers into civilian life,


3.      strongly encourages both men and women to have the right to employment
as well as a safe and fair working environment by methods as but not limited to;

improving women’s
economic empowerment both within and outside the United Nations,

knowledge of
humanitarian aid as well as their role in addressing the specific needs of
women in conflicted areas,

eliminating gender
discrimination in the countries which are the main contributors of UN troops,

d.      mainstreaming
of gender perspectives,

e.      extending
research of women’s roles in violent extremism,

4.      Urges
having female peacekeepers as they have proved in being essential in gathering
information required for a successful mission by;

a.      gathering
intelligence from both male and female sources due to their ability to foster
trust with a wider range of people due to cultural norms,

b.      improving
intelligence as it is an important non-humanitarian factor in peacekeeping



5.      Encourages promoting equality in
peacekeeping operations and ensure women have an equal chance in the missions:

a.      calling for the participation of
women in ceasefire and peace deal negotiations,

b.      having applications submitted by
women as part of UN peacekeeping and leadership positions are considered equal
to men,

c.       Make the ratio of men to women equal
in UN peacekeeping troops;

d.      Encouraging women to lead training

ensure fair selection,

training opportunities as their male counterpart,

more women in leadership positions encourages more women to join,

e.      training not only women but also men
in the areas of gender specialization and different humanitarian needs;


6.      Further requests that UN peacekeeping
should be advertised as a humanitarian rather than a military mission by
protecting and aiding women in conflicted areas;


7.      Promotes educating young women and
the youth to stop violence with proper education;

a.      In nations where girls are not
allowed to go to school, creating more schools for the purpose of educating
girls and take actions such as but not limited to,

child mortality rates,


larger labour force,