College billion dollar company. The only way they make

College athletes should be paid. The NCAA is a billion dollar company. The only way they make that money is because of the hard work and talent of the players. The NCAA has makes billions each year and signed a 11 billion dollar deal with cbs, this only being made possible because of the players hard work and skill. And the players still got nothing. Nick Saban is the head coach at Alabama makes 5,9 million per year, as there coach. The coaches can only do so much it’s the PLAYERS that put in the hard work, executed on the field and win their schools games and money. College athletes are less student, but more athlete and employe. College athletes are always referred to as student athletes. Students first athlete second but this statement is wrong. For one the NCAA requires the athletes to miss class for their sports. The biggest part of this is the employe part. When universities play sports they get by their success and when they succeed it’s always because of the players this means schools success and income comes from the players and they don’t get any of the money. The university of  Alabama’s football team is the most successful team in the past 5 years, they made 143.3 million in sport revenue, we can all guess where most of that revenue came from. Each year teams from the NCAA battle for a spot in the 68 team tournament, 4 of those teams advance to the final 4. The universities are happy for the team’s success but there also happy that they get 275,000 because there team advance to the final 4, but that money is the player’s success, there only representing their school, the school isn’t playing the game the players are, so tell me why the schools get the money and the players aren’t getting nothing but a pat on the back. The same thing happened in college football, 53 million was distributed between bowl game participations that means out of 80 teams with 55 players (4400) none of them got paid with the money they made. College players risk to much to not be paid. ON average 380,000 College athletes get injured each year. 25% of those are serious, you don’t know when your gonna get injured, there’s no warning it just happens, this is why college athletes should be paid, there playing for a chance to go pro and if they get injured that chance either goes away or is very slim. So this is why they need to be paid because there risking their health and their long term life. College players are doing very similar things that the pros do. Only exceptions being pros get paid and the difficulty level is drastically different. But that really shouldn’t mean anything, they both produce major amount of money, only difference being Pros get paid and college players don’t. The biggest argument for ” College players should not be paid” is that there $65,000 Scholarship is more than enough for them. It was recommended that If college do get paid, players would get paid a $100,000 salary. People say that’s way too much and if each and every did get paid that much the NCAA would go bankrupt. Some people say that if college players do get paid they will make irresponsible decisions with that money. The last but still equally as big is if college players get paid in college there will be no point for professional sports.  People say that there scholarship is more than enough. But there the one making billions for the NCAA but the NCAA isn’t saying that them making billions is more than enough. It is true that each and every college athlete making $100,000 is absurd but they should still be paid, there making billions for the NCAA and they’re getting nothing that’s not right. Saying that college players are making irresponsible decisions is false, there’s no way of knowing if they do since they don’t get paid. Saying that if college players do get paid pro sports will have no point is false. College players don’t need to be making pro money they do need to get paid at least a couple of thousands to at least aconomentdate the billions they make for the NCAA. Lastly, the NFL, NBA, MLB and all pro sports will always be bigger than the NCAA so saying that college getting paid will make pro sports relevant is completely false. College athletes should be paid. They provide billions for one of the best sport company, They give millions to their universities, they spend 40 plus hours each week on their game, they’re the ones working hard to win a championship and gopro mean while there making billions and millions for the NCAA and there university. College athletes risk too much not to be paid, one bad play can affect or end a player’s career even worst affect someone’s life and players can’t risk it. So this is why college athletes should be paid.