Cheating understand the meaning of quality education.A student of

Cheating is unfair to honest students. Honest students work hard whereas a dishonest student takes the path of deception; in a class graded on a curve the dishonest student lowers their grades to boot. When such things go on a loop, honest students may consider this education as just mere practice of memorizing the facts, which is not a good thing. Education is more than that, education is the process of learning how to learn, what to learn and to learn with an Integrity. A quality education requires a commitment to an ever deeper understanding of self and of one’s place in the social and natural world; and when successful, it leads to a critical examination of the assumptions that guide one’s life. Someone without academic integrity will never understand the meaning of quality education.A student of Purdue will be going through many tasks such as Assignments, projects, records etc. Where a lot of students can take the other way to get things done quickly but not fruitful. Purdue should expect students to be honest and to trust their own intellectual capabilities, to carry out their own research instead of buying it and attempting blatant plagiarism. Such practice will not only develop good environment  but also build confidence in students. Students should also make sure that they don’t harm the grades of other students by using deception as their path to move forward. Purdue should not treat academic disintegrity as a minor offence. They should treat such behaviour with great gravitas and make students realize that not following certain standards will lead to permanent damage to their future. An academic judiciary could be set up with the help of administrators to combat such things. Students can be given tickets for dishonest practices and repeated offenders may face strict actions. Such steps will surely make the students realize that Integrity is the only option available and thus a good honest environment could be created.