Challenges as much challenging. Bringing up a child is

Challenges Faced by Single Mothers

Being a parent might be the
happiest thing, but it is just as much challenging. Bringing up a child is not easy,
and it can be even more unmanageable for a single father or a mother. But, this
is the stigma in most societies that mothers are assumed to be the natural
caregivers and end up taking the responsibility of the child. According to
statistics 82.2% percent mothers are single parent and only 17.8% are custodial
single fathers in the United States (The spruce, 2017). More than half of
single parents are mothers who are bringing up children alone which is just as
moving as it is problematic.

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mothers face more challenges as compared to single fathers and this issue
should be acknowledged. It has become a norm in societies that a mother is
supposed to take care of a child after divorce or some other circumstance. In
most cases, the mother herself wants the custody and it is only plausible. But
it gets quite troubling since the wages of women are comparatively low to
support an entire family. Around 30% single mothers live in poverty and this
can cause an adverse effect on the upbringing of the child. According to a
research financial troubles have a great impact on the psychological condition
of a child and can result in bad mental health (Overton, 2014). The factor of
financial troubles also contributes to the stress that a mother may face.
Taking care of an infant, working, doing home chores are just a few challenges
to name. This leaves a single mother with no option. She must work and earn,
take care of a child, his food, clothing, school, health and keep herself stable
enough to make her child feel loved.

can be worse for the single-mothers in developing countries where there are few
or no job opportunities. Since most of the middle-class families cannot afford
the education, and if they can, they choose to educate their son which results
in lack of education among females. This factor later results in unemployment
for a single mother making it impossible to provide her child with a good life.
The stress is daunting where the mother may lose a sense of oneself while
working, earning and taking care of a child.

pain and journey through motherhood should be realized by the friends and
families of the single mother. A single mother can’t have off-hours from the
child or from the work because of tough financial situation. The situation for
men has been made so convenient when it comes to income that in the absence of
father children mostly grow up in extremely poor conditions. The conditions are
rarely in favor of a single mother and despite all the odds their efforts are
extraordinary. As Evan Bayh, an American lawyer puts it, “Mothers –
especially single mothers – are heroic in their efforts to raise our nation’s
children, but men must also take responsibility for their children and
recognize the impact they have on their families’ well-being.”